Learn the Self Help Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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Learn the Self Help Health Benefits of Drinking Water

We look solid from the outside but did you know our insides contain a lot of water? Out body has to have a lot of water to be able to function, otherwise we become dehydrated. Most of us have experienced dehydration at one time or another and the feeling is not good.

Our body and brains are made up of more than 50% of water. If there is insufficient water in our brain, it will not function well and may lead to severe damages to the arteries in the brain.

Let us not dwell on the dangers of dehydration but rather look at the bright side of having more than sufficient water in our body and brains. Maybe understanding some of the benefits will help you get into the habit of drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. This is a suggested number of glasses per day but there is no harm in exceeding the recommendation.

Water helps wash away the toxins in our body. We take in a lot of food and other types of liquids daily. The food is broken down into different chemicals which help various parts of our body. Sometimes we take in harmful material, such as drugs or smoke, and water helps to dilute the effects and wash them out of our body.

Did you ever wonder why people are given an intravenous saline solution when they are hospitalized? The saline solution is simply water and salt and it helps keep our body hydrated while we are recuperating from our illness.

Avoid arthritis by drinking water. Painful joints are an indication of lack of water. Medications will help kill the pain but may not cure the problem.

Joints, such as the knees, spinal column and discs, support the weight of the body and can get seriously damaged if there is not enough water circulating in the body. Strong bone formation may be related to proper hydration and it is highly possible that dehydration could help cause loss of calcium in our bones as we grow older.

The possibilities of heart disease and stroke can be prevented, or at least, minimized by drinking water. Water helps the flow of blood through the body and prevents the clogging of arteries in the heart and brain.

Imagine a strong flowing stream of water running through the mountains and farm. Any leaves or material on the stream are pushed with the flow and does not stagnate in the stream.

Similarly, the food we eat that do not dissolve in our body are pushed constantly by the flow and eventually leaves as body waste.

Water is beneficial to the skin. People with dry skin appear to have wrinkled and cracked skin despite their young age. This is largely due to lack of moisture within the body. Our skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. Water moisturizes the skin from within.

Water is essential to life. There’s a lot more benefits which you may read or hear about from other sources. We cannot overemphasize its value to our well being and health. Make it a daily practice to drink a lot of water.

There is no harm in excess water as the body will regulate and expel any excess as body waste. Just keep on drinking and let your body do the rest.

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