How Many Calories Equals One Pound of Fat?

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How Many Calories Equals One Pound of Fat?

It is a common knowledge that losing and gaining fat have something to do with the amount of calories that your body intakes. However, what most people tend to forget to consider is how many calorie it takes to make up one pound. This kind of information is something a dieters should know so they can understand that losing weight takes some time and definitely be a process.

How Much Is It?

In reality, 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 453.6 grams, while 1 gram of fat would contain 9 calories. Thus, one fat pound would contain 4082 calories. This would come from the equation: 9 x 453.6 = 4,082.4 . This is the amount of calories that you approximately gain every time that your body consumes a pound of fat.

When you’re talking about getting rid of 1 lb of body fat, you should be able to get your body to burn approximately 3500 calories. Obviously, 3500 calories is definitely not equal to 4,082 calories, right?!

What’s With The Difference?

What’s with this big difference? Actually, the reason is that fat cells in your body contain other materials, like water and protein. Hence, they’re not really made up of pure fat, unlike fat that you consume. In consequence, when you lose one pound of body fat, you really burn only about 3500 calories and not 4082calories.

Gaining Or Losing Weight

Therefore, if you want to gain weight, you would have to add up 3,500 calories on your diet so that you can gain one pound of fat. On the other hand, you would have to take off 3,500 calories so that you can get rid of one pound of your weight.

What’s The Implication?

As you can see, this answers why some diet programs are impossible to reach success. How come? Take note that the needed average calorie intake of a person in a day to supply vital functions and maintain their weight would usually fall into the 2000 calorie or 2500 calorie diet. Obviously, this is far from 3,500 calories. Hence if you want to lose one pound in a day, you would have to go to the extent of not getting any kind of calorie intake plus burning another 1,000 or 1,500 calories.

This basically means torture to your body. It would really be difficult to execute a plan like this since your body is wise enough to detect what is happening. There is no such thing as instant dieting or instant weight loss.

Do not be victimized by those countless advertisements of weight loss products that say they can get an instant one pound off your scale as soon as you use their product for just a few minutes or an hour. Promises like that are definitely impossible to achieve. It would even take burning more than your daily calorie need just to get that pound off in a day.

Taking It Slowly

Nevertheless, it is still possible for you to get rid of that pound. However, it would take you some time and you should have to undergo a process. You should understand that there are no shortcuts with losing weight.

Sad but true, it takes a lot more time for you to drop pounds compared to what it takes to gain them. Majority of dieters tend to feel that they’re not getting any progress, especially when they come into the phase where slow rates of weight loss happens, such as when they get stranded on the infamous weight loss plateau.

Achieving Your Way To Victory

If you are really determined in losing weight, you can still take advantage of this information. What you will have to do is set a realistic goal and create a diet plan that you think you have the guts to stick to until the end.

For instance, you want to lose one pound in a week. This is something more achievable than losing a pound in a day. Hence, divide 3,500 calories by 7 (there are 7 days in a week) and you will get 500. You would have to cut 500 calories everyday from your daily diet. So, if you’re getting a 2,500 calorie diet, you would have to cut down to a 2,000 diet so that you can lose 1 lb in 7 days.

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