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Glamour is More Than Skin Deep by Grace Hanneken

For more years than anyone can count, young girls have dreamed ofthe possibility of becoming successful models.

Looking at fashion magazines and stylish clothes, it’s no wonder many girlsdream of this kind of glamorous success and fortune.

But, as many parents and others have tried to teach young girls,it isn’t all about looks, and learning the art of glamour isn’talways about modeling.

In fact, true beauty and glamour goesway beyond hair and make-up, and a glamorous woman can doanything in life she wants…modeling or not.

As executive director of a top modeling school, I’ve learned thatthere is much more to success than a pretty face and designerclothing.

In our classes, we certainly teach beauty, style, andrunway technique, but we also teach the real fundamentals such aspersonal development and achievement, self esteem, and personaland professional etiquette.

These skills are not only helpfulto those who wish to become models, but have a definite impact ongirls who wish to succeed in college, life, and any otherprofessional career they choose.

If you want to be successful in any field, looking the part is anintegral piece of the puzzle.

Even if you just want to changeyour look to appear more successful, gain more confidence, orlearn the personal and professional etiquette you need toimpress potential clients, consider taking some modeling courses.

You’ll be surprised at how many other students are taking theclass for the same reasons you are. And, you’ll be amazed at theresults when you take what you have learned with you into thebusiness world.

Models don’t have a monopoly on glamour and success. Anyonewishing for success in any arena can learn from the poise,confidence, style, and charm top models have learned from yearsof instruction and practice.

Learning to exhibit this kind ofsuccessful presence can improve your achievement in all areas ofyour life.


Grace Hanneken is the executive director of Officina da Imagemin the US, the top modeling school in Brazil now set to debut inthe United States. For more information about how modeling andpersonal development courses could improve your life, pleasevisit http://www.officinadaimagem.us or contact Grace Hanneken at262-745-6581 or mailto:grace @ officinadaimagem.us. All classestaught by models and industry experts.

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