Happiness Research Study

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Happiness Research Study

by Elizabeth

(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

We are psychology researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, conducting research on happiness.

We have developed an online program of activities to increase awareness of your surroundings, which may also improve happiness.

Our online study involves filling out some questionnaires and then completing some activities twice a week for four weeks, with a follow-up questionnaire 6 months later.

By participating in the study, you’ll help us to better understand happiness.

As well, you can earn up to 10 chances to win a $500 (U.S.) cash prize, as well as one chance to win a $200 (U.S.) cash prize for completing a follow up survey 6 months later. Each time you complete one of the bi-weekly surveys, your name will be entered into the draw for $500 (U.S.), which will take place in August of 2009.

The $200 (U.S.) draw will take place in February 2010. If you withdraw early from the study, you will still be eligible for the draw (i.e., you will not lose the chances earned prior to withdrawing).

To participate in this study, you must be 16 years of age or older, and you need to have internet access for approximately 20 minutes at least twice per week (to access the study web site and activities). All of your answers will be kept confidential.

To sign up, for for more information, just visit the study website:


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