Emotional Quotient Trumps Intelligence Quotient

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Emotional Quotient Trumps Intelligence Quotient

A few years ago there was a major upheaval in HR and Personnel Management sector when it was informed that an applicant’s EQ was more valuable in assessing their match to an employer than their IQ.

It was felt that although a person could be ‘taught’ the skills and techniques to be competent in a job or task, a persons emotional quotent, or capacity to interact with others with a level of maturity and real ‘people skills’ was not teachable, and had to be already inherent in the applicant at the time of employment.

If you missed out on the whole round of debates and explanations of what IQ v. EQ really stands for, you will get a lot of help from this HR article.

What makes EQ different from IQ? Well, Where IQ measures your general intelligence, EQ measures your level of emotional intelligence.

Basically, it is a sort of emotional inventory where you are given the weapon to better understand the world around you.

It is the ability to sense and understand your emotions and the emotions of others as well.

If you are highly aware of the feelings of people, you will be able to build long-lasting and beneficial relationships with the people in your life.

Emotional intelligence may be the greatest tool you can carry around. If you are highly mature about sensing feelings of others and adapting to people’s moods, you can assure yourself of success in practically every area in your life.

Have you ever noticed how some people become successful even if they don’t possess your traditional ideas of what intelligence is?

It is because that person is emotionally stronger and more versatile. These are the people who are dynamic, the go-getters.

If you are unsure whether emotions play a crucial role in your career, then imagine yourself being given the task to execute complicated yet highly rewarding projects.

An assignment of this scope usually involves a lot of decision making. Your opportunity for growth now hinges on this one task, and making adept decisions calls for a calm and steady mind.

Emotional flexibility helps you to adapt to these very demanding situations immediately. This is only when you’ll fully realize that emotional maturity and stability is that important!

In business, a high EQ improves performance. It can help you become more productive by improving your skills in decision making.

You become a superior performer who people can highly count on. It’s being street smart, as some folks prefer to call it

Your emotional quotient, therefore, rests on your ability to understand others and relate effectively to them. When you’ll know how your actions can make an impact on others, it is easier to make a decision because you now know what not to do.

You are able to build strong relationships, reduce stress, and motivate yourself and others to get the job done.

To increase your emotional intelligence, you have to become aware of your feelings and of how others will react to them. You also need to learn how to empathize.

Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the motives behind their actions. We know that our experiences shaped who we’ve become. And knowing that we have different experiences, we also value diversity.

This is what makes each of us unique. Be grateful for these differences and celebrate your uniqueness as a person.

When we become aware of how each of us was shaped, we become more understanding. Life, after all, is what we make of it.

To enjoy a good life, you have to be at peace with yourself and with the people that surround you. Stop finding faults. Instead, concentrate on how you can succeed despite these faults.

And that is what emotional intelligence is all about!

You can get many more hundreds of HR articles to help you keep up to date while also referring back to ‘hot topics’ from years ago in the Personnel and Recruitment sectors over the years from our massive HR resource library for HR managers and for Team Supervisor training.

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