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Christmas at Disneyland
Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for a child.Spending the happiest time of the year, at the happiest place on earth, could be a dream that comes true for many children and adults.
Christmas at Disneyland is an experience that will never be forgotten, and can never be matched.
Disneyland works to make Christmas very special.
Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is especially fun, allowing children to decorate Christmas cookies with Mrs. Clause, play Reindeer Games, and make holiday souvenirs.

Quick and Easy Christmas Planning Tips
It’s best to plan a Christmas party a few weeks ahead of time. Don’t leave it to the last minute, like your Christmas shopping, because chances are that you will not be able to pull off the spectacular Christmas party that you’ve been planning for if you do this. A great party takes a lot of effort and organization.

Party Planning Technique: Decors for the Holidays
Decorating for the holidays has never been as frustrating as it has these recent years. With the emergence of different lights, different types of effects, even differently dressed Santa Claus statues, a host would be well pressed to present an impressive décor during a season when everyone sees red and green.

The holiday season is usually bedecked in fake snow, jack frosts, Christmas trees, Christmas socks and candy canes; it’s no wonder nothing surprises anyone anymore.

Preparing Your Home for Your Thanksgiving Party


Have you officially made the decision to host a Thanksgiving party this year? If so, congratulations!

Although it can be exciting to plan a Thanksgiving party, it can also be a stressful time. That is why you are advised to start your planning as early as you possibly can; it will help to ensure that you get everything done on time.

As important as it is to prepare for your party in advance, there are some things that you just can’t do early. One of those things is preparing your home for your party. In many cases, you will find that you may want to or need to wait till the day or two before your party to start officially preparing your home.

Planning and Preparing for a Casual Thanksgiving Party
Have you recently made the decision to throw a Thanksgiving party?

If so, have you decided which type of party you would like to host?

If you are looking to host a Thanksgiving party, without having to give up a large amount of your time or money, there is a good chance that you may be interested in hosting a causal Thanksgiving party.

Although a casual Thanksgiving party can save you time and money, it is still advised that you start planning and preparing for your party early.ChristmasBooksGraphics

New Years Eve Party Planning on a Budget
In general New Years Eve party planning is not a difficult process. There are a number of standard elements which are common in any type of party such as invitations, location, food, beverages and entertainment which should be considered but beside from that there aren’t many unique aspects of a New Years Eve party which require special consideration.

The late hour of a New Years Eve party is somewhat unusual and results in some unique food option such as offering cocktails and appetizers in the evening and cocktails such as the Bloody Mary and the Mimosa in the morning along with a breakfast buffet.

New Years Eve Party Favors
If you are planning a New Years Eve party, you might be considering offering party favors to your guests. This is an excellent idea and can offer your guests a lovely memento of the party. Hosts of a New Years Eve party have a lot of options for favors.

If the New Years Eve party has a theme, the host might consider offering a favor which goes with the theme of the party. If the New Years Eve party does not have a theme, the favor may be related to traditional symbols of the New Year or may be completely unrelated to the holiday season. This article will offer some advice for providing favors at a New Years Eve party including a few ideas for favors.

Games to Play during a New Years Eve Party
Many hosts spend a great amount of time planning the food and cocktails for their New Years Eve party and do not give as much consideration to the type of entertainment they plan to have at their New Years Eve party. This is unfortunately because New Years Eve parties offer a great opportunity to participate in some really fun games.

New Years Eve parties tend to last longer than many other parties so traditional entertainment options such as dancing may not be enough to keep the guests entertained. One fun way to spice a New Years Eve party is by playing different games. This article will offer some fun ideas games to play at a New Years Eve party.

Merry Christmas from Elvis Presley
It was Christmas time, and in the local paper there was a short article about an old woman in North Memphis, it was near the area where Elvis lived while he was growing up.

The man and woman were old, black and very poor, they lived in a two-room house with only a tattered curtain dividing the rooms, in the poorest part of Memphis.

The old woman had been confined to a wheelchair all her life. She had no legs and her old wheelchair had become worse from age, she wasn’t able to use it anymore and left her unable to move around her home.

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It’s that time of the year again!

Time to get out the tree, stockings and mistletoe!

… but you don’t know where to begin?


Christmas is a time of joyous celebration, when families come together to celebrate their faith, their love, and their happiness with one another.

But for many, the thought of Christmas time approaching makes them feel anxious and stressed.


There is so much to accomplish and it feels like each year Christmas comes faster and faster. And if you’re on a budget, the Christmas holiday stress becomes even more pronounced.

How does one do it all — Buy the gifts, decorate the house, send out the cards, and bake the cookies, all while juggling their usual, every day responsibilities?

In order to make your Christmas holiday less stressful on your wallet and your time, I have developed a handy Holidays Goodies bag OVERFLOWING with an amazing collection of Holiday guides to assist you in completing all those major holiday chores – and to still HAVE FUN doing it, with all the family joining in!

This hamper of over 100 Tools, Tips and Christmas goodies focuses on using every day items that you probably already have in your home to decorate, cook, make crafts, make and give beautiful thoughtful hand made gifts, keep the kids busy and happy, become the ‘hostess with the most-est’ – – – and all while saving you time and money!

The activities, recipes, crafts, are all explained in this collection and are easy to do and most take only a little bit of time.

And here is an early gift from us to help you enjoy your Carols this year!


Just right mouse button click on the link below and select ‘save link/target as’ from the pop up box, to download this free book to your own computer and print later.

Free Christmas Carols Book

With this collection of Yuletide tips & Tools you CAN have a warm, inviting home this Christmas time without breaking your budget, or spending all your time is a state of stressful meltdown

Read below about what I have put together in this pack of free ebooks to make your holidays even better than you could imagine:


Goodie Bag #1

Holiday Craft Ideas, Patterns & Instructionssize=5 color=red>

Tools & Books in here include:

• 99 Gift Basket Ideas

• 101 Gift basket Ideas

• 250 Bath Body Recipes

• 475 Gift Basket Ideas

• 949 Craft Recipes

• Christmas Creations

• Fun Craft projects

• Gift Jar Recipes

• How to Make Incense

• How to Make Candles

• Ladies Work Book – crochet & laces

• Activities for Keeping Little Fingers Busy!

• Lovely PotPourri Recipes

• Making Basic PotPourri

• Scoubidou mega guide

• Scrapbooking Professional

• 1001 Beauty tips – better Smile

• How to make hand made Soaps.

Goodie Bag #2

Holiday Classic Story Bookssize=5 color=red>

Tools & Books in here include:

• 50 Childrens Stories

• A Christmas Mystery

• A Kidnapped Santa Claus

• A Christmas Carol

• Birds Christmas Carol

• Childrens Stories

• Christmas tales

• Christmas tales 2

• Dickens Christmas Carol

• Dickens a Christmas tree

• Dickens What Christmas is.

• Gift of Magi

• Life Adventures of Santa Clause

• Childrens Book of Christmas Stories

• The Night Before Christmas’

Goodie Bag #3

How to Make your Own Greeting Cardssize=5 color=red>

Tools & Books in here include:

• 7 Christmas Picture Mounts templates to frame your Holiday Photos

• How to Make Greeting Cards for all Occasions – all year round!

• Christmas Certificate to personalize & print : “Christmas Angel in Training”

• “Letter from Santa” to personalize & print for your loved ones to receive!

• A collection of classic 100+ “Merry Christmas” Graphics to use in your Holiday cards and Gift Certificates.

Goodie Bag #4

Holiday Games & Activitiessize=5 color=red>

Tools & Books in here include:

• 12 days of Christmas Lyrics for Carols

• Childrens party Games

• Christmas Fun

• Creative Costumes for Halloween

• Party Games for Large Groups (more than 8 people)

• Party Games for Large Groups of Teenagers

• Party Games for Small Groups of Adults ( 4- 8 people)

• The Christmas Dinner Play – HOLD YOUR OWN PLAY!
• — Script & staging for your own family or class performance

Goodie Bag #5

Christmas coloring bookssize=5 color=red>

Tools & Books in here include:

• Angel Coloring book

• Christmas Coloring pages

• Christmas coloring

• Christmas colors

• Christmas printables

• Stained Glass Coloring Crafts

• And a How-to-Draw Christmas book!

Goodie Bag #6

Holiday Recipessize=5 color=red>

Hundreds of recipes for appetizers, candy, cakes, pies, cookies, main dishes, breakfast, desserts and more. Make the best holiday meals and treats for all your friends and family to enjoy.

Tools & Books in here include:

• 302 Halloween recipes

• 315 Easy Kids Recipes

• 400 Great Punch Recipes

• 660 Holiday Recipes

• A very Aussie Christmas Recipes

• Australian Style Christmas Pudding

• Beverages drink recipes

• Blue Ribbon winning Recipes

• Brownies for the season

• Chocolate lovers recipes

• Chocolate & cocoa recipes

• Christmas Cookie Recipes

• More Cookies

• Cookies for Christmas

• Culinary Recipes for formal dining

• Dips for all occasions

• Drink Recipes

• Fast & Easy Christmas Cooklbook

• Favourite Christmas Cookies

• Fudge Recipes

• Halloween Recipes

• HO HO HO Beverages

• Holliday Recipes

• Holiday Entertaining

• Holiday Candy

• Home Made Christmas Recipes

• Instant Bartender

• Easy Kids Recipes

• Pumpkin Pie Recipes

• More Punch Recipes

• Seasonal Breads

• Seasonal Cakes

• Seasonal Christmas Candies

• Seasonal Christmas Cookies

• Seasonal Christmas Recipes

• Seasonal Desserts

• Seasonal Main Courses

• Seasonal Main Fish

• Seasonal Soups and Starters

• Summer party Cooking Recipes

• Thanksgiving Recipes

• Unlock your secret Gourmet

Goodie Bag #7

How to Plan your Travel this Holidayssize=5 color=red>

“Plan Your Trips With Ease And Get The Very Most Out Of Your Holidays With This Quick And Easy Planner System”

Most of us spend a lot of time and money on our holidays, yet rarely do we take the trouble to plan them properly.

We almost invariably forget to do something beforehand or fail to pack something important.

Now I’d like to introduce you to Holiday Plus, a quick and easy system that will help you plan all your holidays and trips.

You can fill in the forms on your PC – or print them out to fill in by hand if you prefer. Either way, you have a quick and easy reference to help you plan and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Tools & Books in here include:

• A travel budget form to help you plan the finances of each trip.

• A ready-made packing list form, providing a detailed list of common packing requirements as a starting point for you to quickly create a complete packing list, which you can use again and again for all your holidays and trips.

• A travel itinerary form and daily itinerary form, providing a complete framework for you to plan out your holidays in detail.

• An emergency information form to record information you might need in an emergency, so it’s easily at hand when you need it most.

• A photo tracking form for recording all the photos you’ve taken during each trip.

Goodie Bag #8

How to *CELEBRATE* the Holidayssize=5 color=red>

Checklist, planners, action guides tips to help ALL the family to have FUN, for every part of the Season.

Gathered together to help you and your family ENJOY this Holidays without any Tears!

Tools & Books in here include:

• The Complete Christmas

• 51 Christmas Decorating Ideas

• Beary Special Thoughts

• Beary Merry Christmas

• Christmas Decorations Ideas & also to make yourself!

• Christmas Countdown

• Home for the Holidays

• Old Christmas

• Planning Thanksgiving

• Shopping online safely

• Simply Christmas

• Stress free holidays

• The History of Christmas Traditions

We couldn’t show all 100+ pictures of the products included in this HUGE Christmas Package:


AND now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS…. All the above… over 100 items can be your INSTANTLY for only $27!

You will have this hamper of helpful tools at your fingertips to use every Christmas for years and years to come!

Imagine how relaxed and organized you will be next Christmas when you have had all these resources at your fingertips, to make full use of weeks in advance!

You cant go wrong with this amazing offer – Guaranteed to delight you or your money back!

Be sure to send a letter from Santa to all the kids on your list (It’s in the goodies bag). Feel free to share this page with all your friends.


Due to the graphic nature of this page, it may take
a while to load! Please be patient if you are on dial-up.

“If You Need A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Images, Then You Have Found The Complete Source!”

color=red>No More Searching, No More Downloading From Different Sites, No More Hassle!

The 150 MEG Christmas Pack of 1,500 Images Is Royalty Free! size=3>

You have found the “mother load” of Christmas images! If you are tired of scouring the Internet looking for great Christmas graphics, you can stop searching right now. The 150 MEG Christmas Pack, is chuck full of .jpg, .gif, and .png files to keep you busy clear till Christmas!

Need a quick Christmas card in a pinch? Just find one in this collection, print it out – and you’re ready to roll.

Run out of gift tags? No problem! Find yourself an appropriate image, print it out – and stick it to your package. You won’t be running to the local drug store this year because you ran out of gift tags, that’s for sure.

You might find some gift tags in here that you like BETTER than the “drug store” tags. Especially for that “Vintage or Victorian” look.

Christmas-Graphics-downloadNeed animations for your website? Well, there’s a few of those in here too!

How about using these images for your websites or Christmas auctions on Ebay? There are PLENTY of images here to spice up your websites. Put your Ebay customers in a great mood with super looking auction pages, which will help you SELL MORE!

The List Of Things You Can Do With These Images Doesn’t End There! color=green size=4>

Here Are MORE Ways To Use These Wonderful Images:

• Documents and Fliers for work or home, great for announcing Christmas parties. There are black and white line images you can use on colored paper too.

• Make your own Family Christmas Cards You can create classic designs to print and share with all your family, or use them for email cards, and remember to add some to your annual Christmas letter you mailout with the updates & events of the year. AMAZE your family and friends with how great your Christmas Greetings will be when you use these images.

• School projects. The kids can browse through here to use images for school projects, or for simply creating their own Christmas cards. We use these images for Home School projects, hand made gifts and more.

• Church – need extra images to create announcements for your church? The nativity selection is perfect for church projects and announcements.

• Bulletin Boards – create “classified ad fliers” for selling Christmas items, then post them on bulletin boards at your local businesses. Local bulletin boards are great places to get some local business action!

• Ebooks about Christmas. Liven up your Christmas ebooks with these great images!

• Website design. Since these images were collected from Public Domain resources, that means you are free to use them for your own designs. Yes, even on templates that you wish to resell. Royalty FREE!

• Needlepoint patterns. Yep, I talked to one lady who purchased this package to create nice needlepoint projects with the images.

• Create your own physical products by using “Zazzle” “CafePress” and other online areas where they help you create mouse-pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more!

• Using your imagination, I’m sure you’ll come up with ways that I never even thought of. 150 MEG of 1,500 images is nothing to sneeze at!

Now, let’s show you what an incredible selection of images we have added into the 150 MEG Christmas Pack! Below we list each category of the package, and give you a sample of what the images in that category look like.

Below the images we also tell you exactly how many images are in each category. Every single one of the pictures listed below is in this package, plus many, MANY more!

As you can see, our images are great quality, and we have done our best to include simply every kind of image you could possibly need.

Buy these images ONCE, and you can reuse them year after year. You might only need a few graphics for gift tags or Christmas cards this year.

Next year you may need to create some documents for work. The year after that, you may have your own eBay auctions or begin creating Christmas templates to sell!

Buying this package just ONCE, THIS YEAR – also gives you access to sell the package yourself, and keep half the money! How cool is that?

Now, how much would you expect all these images to be worth? Do you have any idea of the amount of TIME that went into creating this package? Let me just quickly remind you of how LARGE it is:

Yes, that’s RIGHT – OVER 150 MEG Of Wonderful Christmas Images! color=red size=4>

Over 1,500 Image Files In 22 Different Categories! size=3>

That screenshot was taken directly from my PC – and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Over 150 MEG, over 1,500 images – that you can reuse over and over.

You Can Have This Wonderful Set Of Christmas Images NOW For Just $27!!!color=red>


YES! I want all the above… over 1,500 Christmas Images – INSTANTLY for only $27!

REMEMBER: You will have these helpful tools at your fingertips to use every Christmas for years and years to come!


Imagine how relaxed and organized you will be next Christmas when you have had all these pictures to make full use of weeks in advance!

You cant go wrong with this amazing offer – Guaranteed to delight you or your money back!

If you have any questions or problems downloading your package, just go to the Contact Us Page and shoot me an email.

Michelle & Helene


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