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“Publish Book”
Business entrepreneur resources, articles & free self help books

What Is EbookoMatic? color=RED>

With EbookoMatic, the Instant Online Ebook Publisher you can publish your books as popular and safe .pdf ebook documents and begin selling them online on multiple web sites within minutes.

Not months, weeks, or even days.

In fact, if your manuscript is in Microsoft Word for Windows 95 -97-2000 or higher, you could be published in the same amount of time it takes you to read our free book! color=green> SIZE=4>

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy, but here’s why you should listen to me: I’ve tried to get my own work published, and now you can benefit from my experiences.

Here’s what I’ve learned

• You don’t need an agent or publisher to sell your own ebook online. Say goodbye to needless revisions and rejection forever.

• You don’t need to know anything about PCs or the Internet. If you can type a letter, open your internet browser and click on a button, you can publish electronically.

• You don’t need to spend a lot of money on printing and shipping. With electronic publishing, there is no inventory management to worry about.

• You don’t need to know anything about HTML coding. Forget about trying to turn your manuscripts into a massive collection of web pages.

• You don’t need to worry about credit card transactions or web sales page processes. Let someone else handle this for you to automate ordering and fulfillment for your readers.

• Your book don’t need to be limited to old fashioned .exe documents that no-one will risk downloading as an “application” to their computer anymore. EbookoMatic produces computer safe, user friendly .pdf ebook “Adobe” documents for your readers. “Adobe” is a free reader software, so EVERYONE has it or can quickly download it!

• You can also publish free give-away “promotional books” to advertise your business, website business, other books that are for sale, your affiliate business, whatever you want to promote – and EbookoMatic will promote and download these for you as well. Use your free book downloads for “viral marketing” to get you even more customers!

• EbookoMatic gives you free ebook exposure on their many websites to millions of readers, to promote your books. Also use their Press Release and Audio Interview services to promote your books.

Publishing electronically is much, much easier than you think!

Is EbookoMatic Right for you? color=RED>

EbookoMatic enables authors like you to publish electronically and it provides all of the tools necessary for you to promote our ebook on the internet yourself.

When you join EbookoMatic, you’ll be putting the power of the latest technology and the best marketing practices to work for you with just a few clicks of a button:

• Click to upload your Microsoft Word file or .pdf document (no Macintosh)

• Click to set your password and security settings for this particular book

• Click to fill in your Ebook Summary promotional outline

• Click to upload an ebook cover graphic

• Click to fill in your Author Page

• Click to upload a photo of yourself.

And you’re done. Your ebook is now online and available for sale in both EbookoMatic’s Library and the bookstore on your very own personalized web page.

Right click on the link below
and select “save as” to
download the free introduction
book to your computer
free book

What could be easier than that?

Once your ebook is online, you can sign-up for your free promotional email address. Next you can use the free Online Press Release Generator to create a professionally written press release within minutes.

Email it to your friends, family, peers, local papers. Etc. Read about the most successful marketing and promotion tools, services and strategies in the Members Only reference area containing over 20000 pages of free, useful resources.

If you apply a little energy to your promotion, soon folks will be reading more about your ebook to buy copies of their own.

Do you long to be a published author?

Are you tired of rejections from editors and publishers?

We have the solution you have been waiting for!



Join today to receive all of these great benefits:

color=RED> * Publish unlimited ebooks instantly for a one-time fee

* Your ebooks will become available on multiple web sites

* Create your own author interview and ebook announcements

* Audio enable all your online sales pages with your own voice announcements promoting your books!!

* Lifetime membership so you can take as long as you want to prepare your books if your manuscript is not yet finished.

You can’t lose with our 100%,
iron-clad, money back guarantee.



Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with our service, just contact us within the first 90 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings. And keep all of the bonuses as our way of saying thanks for trying the service!

Bottom line: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Visit here if you would like to BUY NOW and for one low fee, have access to a lifetime of publishing for profit!

Click here to join EbookoMatic now for only $147.00

Buy now through secure PayPal

Join now for your lifetime membership and to receive over $500.00 in bonuses

Gain unlimited access to our Members Only area featuring FREE color=red> marketing and promotional ebooks, tools and software including Autoresponder Magic and Million Dollar Emails, Pay Per Click Commando, How to Create Killer Web Sites That Sell Like Crazy, Ebook Secrets and other bonus ebooks you will see on the order page at EbookoMatic . . .

Click here to join EbookoMatic now for only $147.00

Gain Immediate Access!

Take as long as you want to, or you can Publish Instantly if your manuscript is ready now!

Steven Schneiderman
Founder and CEO was launched in 2000.

It's easy to take the first step to your better life right now. color=red>
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