Bare Essentials for a Younger You

Bare Essentials for a Younger You

With all the anti-aging tips out, you’d think that you really have to invest a lot of your money just to stay young looking. The truth is, many of these products are just wonderful little extras. It would be nice to have them if you have money to spare. But if you are part of the working majority, you also need to know what the ultimate must-haves are.

So instead of investing on loads of makeup, try to start with a really good foundation. When it comes to finding the right product, many elements such as coverage, color, and type come into play. To make sure the money you’ll be spending is worth it, test it along your jaw line to see if it’s the right color and if it feels comfortable on your skin.

Never make the mistake of using your hand to test because the shade doesn’t always match and you may not be as sensitive there as you are on your face. Since it is meant to cover your entire face, it’s better to invest in a high-quality product that uses the best ingredients and is allergy-tested.

Any girl knows how annoying it also is when age spots threaten to ruin an otherwise perfect complexion. The solution is to use a topnotch concealer that gives plenty of coverage to camouflage these unwelcome blemishes.

When you use the right makeup tools, it’s much easier for you to achieve certain looks that look as if they were done by seasoned pros. Good brushes can accentuate the right spots because you’re more prone to accidental smudges when you rely on your fingers or use inadequate instruments.

Plus, the bristles on these things will make your skin feel much smoother. So, spend more on quality because these have proven to last longer and are better for you.

If you’re in need of a facial or just have extra dry skin, there’s no need to always head for the dermatologist to score an enviable glow. The trick is to steam your face and slap on a face mask to refresh parched skin and give your complexion a moisture boost.

Moreover, taking off heavy foundation and the toughest mascara after a long day at work can be such a hassle. To do this quickly and effectively, you need a potent remover that’ll get rid of the grime without making you repeatedly wipe your face off.

Also try massaging cleansing oils over your eyes for about a minute or two before wiping it off with cotton. This way, you’ll avoid creating wrinkles and prevent sagging.

Most importantly, you need an eye cream and a moisturizer at all times by your dresser. The areas around your orbs are the thinnest and most sensitive so you need to take extra care of it.

Since this is where the first signs of aging show up, you must religiously use an eye cream that’s rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizers. Moreover, you also need to pamper your face with a moisturizing product to prevent flaking and soothe dry areas of the skin so that it won’t look too wrinkled.

While there are changes that happen on the surface, the good creams delve deeper to repair cells and reverse the aging process.

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