Bad Breath and Tonsil Stones Information

Bad Breath and Tonsil Stones Information

by Josh Katherman

(Williamsport, PA – USA)

So many people around the world are affected by Bad Breath, technically known as halitosis.

While some cases deemed from improper hygiene are diagnosed, almost all cases of bad breath AREN’T the persons fault!

There’s multiple reasons why you could have bad breath but I’ll cover the main topics, each with specific solutions, to help gain the confidence back in your life that everyone needs!

The types of bad breath I’m covering in this article are ones related to people having bad breath ALL the time; ie: not temporary bad breath from garlic, onions etc.

The first and most dominant reason why people can have bad breath is, surprisingly enough, from your tonsils!

To explain what I’m talking about you’ll have to take a step back with me and I’ll explain.

Tonsils main function (as science knows about) is to trap foreign debris entering the mouth for protection of your body.

While the need for tonsils is mostly in adolescent ages, people who have never had their tonsils out (children and adults), can develop what we call “tonsilloliths”, or “tonsil stones”, which are one of the main causes of chronic bad breath.

They’re essentially formed when mucus runs down the back of the throat, referred to as “post nasal drip”, which then gathers in the holes, or “crypts”, of your tonsils.

Tonsils being the bodily defender they are, attack the mucus combined with small food particles creating small white or yellowish formations in the tonsils, and these are “tonsilloliths”.

The gases and bacteria produced by tonsolloliths spread around the mouth, tongue, and back of the throat creating the most dominant cause of bad breath in all cases!

While you can find many commercial products for prevention of tonsilloliths, their effectiveness has always been questionable.

By study, the most effective combatant for tonsilloliths prevention is Grapefruit Seed Extract, gargled.

This method takes a week or more to be effective but the time spent is merely the time it takes for the existing tonsil stones to dissolve and remove themselves from the crypts of your tonsils.

No method works for everyone, but the only absolute way to eliminate bad breath related to tonsilloliths is removal of the tonsils, or “tonsillectomy”.

Risks increase as age increases so consult with your doctor before deciding if a tonsillectomy is right for you.

The second most dominant cause of bad breath is related directly to gum disease, known as “Periodontal Disease”.

This is something that typically has to be directly dealt with by your dentist, though there are natural cures such as Honey, Tea tree oil, Cranberry, and Vitamin C, to name a few.

Each type of bad breath has it’s own distinct odors and symptoms which can mostly be self diagnosed by either noting the development of white spots on your tonsils (tonsilloliths), or discoloration around the gum line.

Both of these forms will give you a slightly sour and bland taste in your mouth.

So if you’re one of the millions of people suffering from bad breath, know the symptoms, know your options, and do something about it!

I created Tonsil & Bad Breath Help because of the lack of resources and information on real causes and solutions to bad breath.

Grapefruit Seed Extract can be referenced from my article at Grapefruit Seed Extract – Tonsil Stones & Bad Breath Prevention

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