Altzheimers | Remembering Your Life

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Altzheimers | Remembering Your Life

Memories will fade: disease, age, and a host of other factors will contribute to that decline. What do you recall of the games you played when you were younger? Or the great times you had in school? Your life is chock full of adventures, but what if you’re told that you’ll forget all that?

In the blink of an eye, everything you’ve ever known can cease to exist. While forgetting is one thing, there are many ways to lose your memory. The human mind has 14 billion brain cells, neurons that connect to each other through synapses. As early as your 20s, one neuron dies every second.

When you reach your 40s or 50s that becomes even faster. Complications can also pop up with age. Anything that causes the brain not to function will cause it to lose its memories.

Alzheimer’s disease clogs your brain with plaque, slowing the transit of information. The causes are still unknown, but one thing doctors know for sure, and that is your chances increase as you get older. Then, there’s also vascular dementia. These are caused by not having enough blood flow through your brain.

The end result would be stroke. Some can have multiple silent strokes, and later on, the manifestations include memory impairment.

The solution though is as simple as protecting your head. This means a complete lifestyle change for you. Alzheimer’s and stroke are known to have the same risk factors. Hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even being obese can lead to cognitive decline.

Memory may be all in your head, but being fit can be good for it, too. Exercise, losing weight, and proper nutrition can all lead to safeguarding your stored experiences. Add bananas, nuts, salmon, fish, fruits, and vegetables to your diet to help lower your chances.

Your brain is very much like your muscles. If you exercise it, you can do more work. Exercising your brain can make it sharper, store your memory better, and you remember and react faster. But how exactly do you do this? Simple really! The more you use your brain, the better it will be.

Do mental exercises like crossword puzzles, learning new things, and reading. These activities keep your mind firing, thus keeping your memory in check. After all, it’s either you use it or lose it. It’s in your best interest then to enhance your mind because it also serves to protect it.

Be more in touch with your emotions, sleep more, watch less TV, take in caffeine, and listen to music. The latter in particular, stimulates your brain. With it, a lot more of the capacity of the brain to function and store memory comes in. Plus, you get to relax when you listen to music. Getting more downtime is better than living your life spinning.

Do what you have to do during the day and get a good night’s sleep especially when the next day is a big one for you. Rest assured, you get to store the memory for the long haul.

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