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“What is Homeopathy &
What is Polarity Therapy” self help books audio alternative health therapy article

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What is Homeopathy

Alternative medical options are becoming increasingly popular in our modern culture, since people are wary of what goes into their bodies.

Traditional medical options often introduce harmful chemicals into the body or otherwise are at an organic disadvantage.

However, most forms of alternative healthcare are safe and gentle on the bodies systems, so many patients prefer these options.

Countless studies are now being completed to show the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of these alternative health options.

One such practice being studied that many people are using is homeopathy.

Classical homeopathy can help with a number of illnesses and pains including, but not limited to AIDS, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, PMS, dyslexia, insomnia, infertility, depression, digestive disorders, autism, and asthma.

Your doctor or a professional who specializes in homeopathy should be able to help you learn more about the many varied adverse medical conditions with which homeopathic medicine can help. It is important to speak with your regular doctor before beginning any kind of homeopathic treatment so that you can be sure this option will work well for you and not further damage your body.

Homeopathic doctors look at disease and pain in a different light. With normal medical treatment, you go to the doctor who then diagnoses your condition and gives you medicine to heal the symptoms.

Homeopathic professionals, however, assert that treating the symptoms leaves the underlying problem unattended.

In short, your pain will return over and over again, because you are not fixing the root problem. This is a view on medicine that is shared by other alternative health professionals, such as acupuncturists and acupressurists.

Homeopathic appointments begin with a total assessment of mental and physical health. The first appointment will try to understand your state of well being in as complete of a way as possible, so it is important to know your health history as well as be completely honest about your current state of health.

Natural remedies are then prescribed to help the entire system, rather than simply treating specific pains and other symptoms.

These remedies are made from minerals and plant matter and are very organic, so harmful chemicals are not introduced into your body. Homeopathic medicine is used in very small amounts and is meant to help the body heal itself.

Homeopathic techniques are extremely effective when patients are suffering from chronic illnesses and have found that no traditional treatment works. If you believe that homeopathy can help you overcome disease, speak with your doctor for more information.

FreeSelfHelpBooks What is Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a technique that is based off the human energy field, which is comprised of the electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional, and physical responses. When someone is sick, it is said that their human energy field is in bad condition, and thus needs to be repaired through polarity therapy.

Using energy-based bodywork, exercise, dieting, and self-awareness, polarity therapy is said to give the body a strong human energy field, and thus make it healthier.

Polarity therapy was first practiced by Randolph Stone, who published a total of seven works by 1954 that spoke of his findings in his research into using energy in the healing arts. He found that the human energy field is affected by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitudes, relationships, life experiences, trauma, and environmental factors.

He applied his findings and theories during his medical career in Chicago and had tremendous success with the majority of his patients. After his retirement, some of Stone’s students carried on his work and in 1984 the American Polarity Therapy Association was formed.

Ever since then, polarity therapy has become an increasingly used form of medicine and has also become more diverse than when it was first thought up.

The energy of a person is supposed to flow smoothly and clearly. When it does so, a person is said to be healthy. However, blockages in the flow of energy can occur due to stress or other factors. When this happens, a body will become less healthy and pain and illness will occur.

Polarity therapy looks for these blockages and attempts to get rid of them, allowing energy to flow freely once again and for health in a person to be restored. A typical polarity therapy session takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, various forms of touch and verbal interactions occur.

The practitioner will use all degrees of touch on the client, whether it is light or firm, in order to help muscles relax, which is a great stress fighter. Also, the practitioner will try and make the client more self aware of the energy in his or her body, allowing the client to try and make the energy flow more smoothly himself.

Polarity therapy has been an excellent cure for many people, and often has great success in the realm of stress relief. After a therapy session, a person will generally feel more relaxed and happier. It’s a great way to relieve tension and bring about a stronger sense of self-being.

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