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“Bending the Body – Chiropractic as Alternative Medicine & Controlling the Uncontrollable: Biofeedback”
self help books audio alternative health therapy article

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Bending the Body – Chiropractic as Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic is an alternative health option that has become mainstream and widely used.

This year, millions of Americans, as well as people all over the world, will visit a chiropractor’s office for help with pain and illness, most often times back pain.

Chiropractic procedures can be used on just about anyone and will help in a variety of ways with multiple kinds of pain, so if you want to try an alternative to traditional medical treatments that has been proven to work, ask your doctor about more information regarding chiropractic.

Chiropractors treat a patient with a hands-on technique. Using a number of motions, chiropractors align the spine and other joints in a manipulation kind of strategy, known as adjustment in the business.

Chiropractic teaches that the body can heal itself under the correct conditions.

Basic health is strongly related to body structure and its function, stemming from correct spinal alignment and radiating to other parts of the body.

This process is not a new one, and chiropractic teachings have been written down since the time of the ancient Greek civilization. It was brought back to the health world in the late 1800s and has grown in popularity every since.

Each chiropractor has a different theory and belief system regarding how the procedures work, so it is important to be sure that you and your chiropractor feel comfortable together.

Be sure to also visit someone who is a licensed professional, as bone alignment (especially spinal manipulation) can be dangerous if the person doing the aligning is not properly trained.

Your medical doctor should be able to suggest some popular and effective chiropractic professionals in your area, or you can search the Internet for offices and reviews.

During your initial visit, a chiropractor will ask you questions about your health history and current state of well being. He or she will also do a physical examination and choose the best course of action to treat your condition.

A variety of techniques can be used to achieve the desired results, and they may also combine their techniques to other nontraditional forms of treatment. These include mobilization, the use of heat and ice, acupuncture, homeopathy, and magnetic therapy.

Before you begin treatment, be sure to review your state’s chiropractic guidelines and take care that your professional follows the correct and legal procedures. Also check if your health insurance covers this form of treatment—many do, but some do not.

Lastly, spread the word if you have received excellent care. Chiropractors and other alternative health care professionals rely on you to help them gain a good reputation.

Controlling the Uncontrollable – Biofeedback

A new field within the alternative health field is that of biofeedback, which was first studied in the 1960s and was brought to the attention of the public by Drs. Barbara Brown and Elmer Green, and Joe Kamiya.

Biofeedback is a process in which people control seemingly uncontrollable body functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing by using feedback from electronic devices. Today, biofeedback is still being studied and used for a variety of health reasons.

A variety of illnesses and medical conditions can be treated by using biofeedback techniques. These include insomnia, twitching eyelids, constipation, ring ears, irritable bowel syndrome, headache, stress, Raynaud’s disease, tennis elbow, high blood pressure, attention deficit disorder, back pain, muscle spasms, asthma, and hyperactivity.

It is especially useful for those suffering from stress-related mental illnesses or diseases that cause loss of muscle control. Your doctor can give you more information about the many medical conditions that can be treated with biofeedback, so speak with a professional if you want to know how it can help you.

Biofeedback is a simple process. First, electrodes are stuck to the skin in specific places so that your reactions can be closely monitored. They measure skin temperature, muscle tension, heart rate, and brain activity. A patient, once hooked up to a machine with these electrodes, will then be instructed to meditate, do visualization exercises, or perform other relaxing techniques.

The electrodes measure response to this relaxation and over time, you can see a pattern in your body’s response to specific techniques. You can then use these very specific techniques, such as visualizing a certain person or thing, to achieve the result you want most, such as lower blood pressure.

Biofeedback is still being highly studied in the medical world. Its exact effectiveness is unknown, but it is a procedure in which many are finding success. If you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, talk to your medical doctor about how participating in biofeedback sessions can help you.

He or she can provide you with a clearer understanding of cost, technique, and side effects as well as direct you to professionals who can perform the biofeedback sessions. Also check with your health insurance to be sure that the procedure is covered, since some alternative health treatments are not covered with tradition health insurance.

When considering treatment options in the alternative health realm, remember that biofeedback can be extremely useful.

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