Alcohol and Insomnia

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Alcohol and Insomnia

Many people believe that a few drinks will help them to sleep better when in fact it will help a person fall asleep but it will not help to keep them asleep. Way too often those few nightcaps can cause a person to wake several times during the night and further lead to feeling sluggish, disorientated, and have a lack of concentration the next day. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very unhealthy pattern. Contrary to what many might think alcohol and insomnia do not mix at all. Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate which can make insomnia even worse.

Alcohol is also a contributing factor in keeping people out of the deep sleep cycle which makes them feel even worse the next day. So this is how alcohol and insomnia work, alcohol makes the body fall asleep very quickly while at the same time it is dehydrating your body too. As a result, the body will wake for water because of the dehydration and your body will never get a chance to fall into the REM cycle of sleep, which is the deep important sleep that all people need. No alcohol will ever alleviate a person’s insomnia but in fact will make it worse. It is certainly no trade off to become a person with a drinking problem attempting to compensate for an insomnia condition.

There are many more effective ways to treat insomnia without tipping back a few drinks. You have to figure out what is causing the insomnia which can be attempted to be done by ones self but will likely have to be defined by a doctor. The doctor can evaluate all of the causes and get into more depth of what could be the underlying cause of the insomnia, the treating it with the appropriate measures that are not related to drinking alcohol in a failed attempt to mask the problem of insomnia. Remember that drinking will never help you get a quality nights sleep but what it will do is cause the problem to worsen and the next day in addition to feeling fatigued and lethargic, you will have additional discomfort from the alcohol.

Alcohol and its effects on insomnia might be one of the biggest misconceptions ever. Maybe that is because while a few drinks might actually induce sleep and make one fall asleep faster it is almost as if the sleep that they are getting does not count. It is not the right level of sleep and with the other factors of alcohol mixed in; technically one might as well have stayed up all night in terms of the body.

In other words the sleep did not benefit the body or mind at all. As a matter of fact, most people who have a dependency on alcohol have frequent sleep disruptions, even after the discontinuation of use. Beyond any withdrawal period a persons sleep patterns could very well never return to normal and as a result they may indeed have to battle frequent battles with insomnia for the rest of their lives.

Children snoring is normal when they do so infrequently. Children who are between one and nine are known to snore. Studies show that three to twelve percent of them snore. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is normal.

Obstructive sleep apnea or OSA is a serious medical disorder. Constant snoring can be a harbinger of this more serious condition.

When snoring is excessively loud with gasping breaks in breathing, it is a sign of sleep apnea. The breaks can be five to thirty seconds or more in duration.

When this occurs the child will awaken and not get right back to sleep. He or she will awaken, change position and go back to sleep. He will begin snoring again after a short while.

This is expected to reoccur frequently throughout the night. Parents who have children who snore need to pay attention to their children if they snore to make certain that they do not fall into this category of OSA.


• Bad speech – muddled, mumbling speech.

• Slow rate of growth. Labored breathing at night. They eat very slowly because they are not able to chew and breathe at the same time. Because of this they do not receive enough nutrients for normal growth.

• Hyperactivity

• Daytime drowsiness because of lack of sleep at night. Children will act out to stay awake.

• Do poorly in school. Perform poorly at school because they do not get the correct amount of sleep during the night.

If these symptoms become apparent in your child, they need to be evaluated by a a pediatrician.

Sleep apnea can be difficult to diagnose in children because they are happy and alert when seeing the doctor. It would be a good idea to record your child’s episodes of sleep apnea so you can present the correct situation to the pediatrician.

However, just because a child snores does not mean he has sleep apnea. Children can snore because of enlarged tonsils or adenoids, obesity, asthma or even a cold or tonsillitis.

Additionally, allergies can cause the linings of the nose to swell. Obviously, the child does not breath normally. And, thus causes snoring. The snoring stops after the allergy attack.

A major cause of snoring is obesity. Out of obese children twenty to forty percent snore.

Fatty tissue around the throat causes narrowing of the airway. Stomach fats also can cause the child’s diaphragm to function improperly.

Some children have asthma and this is another cause of snoring. Out of children diagnosed with asthma it was revealed that forty percent snore.

Snoring is also attributed to enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Surgery is required to remove tonsils and adenoids but antibiotics are required for tonsillitis or colds.

Deformation of the jaw in the womb causing underdevelopment is also believed to cause snoring.

Another theory that causes the child to snore is that nerves and muscles cannot properly control the airway.


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