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Emotion and Attitude management. These self help resources will help you to maintain a positive attitude and state of wellbeing

HA6 Create Happiness with a Positive Life Outlook by RE Najemy
Every event we perceive through our senses is analyzed, evaluated and registered in the mind as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.

Our belief systems seek to determine whether each perceived input is something, which will “protect” or “endanger” our security, self-worth and / or freedom.

HA101 Stress Eliminating Affirmations by RE Najemy
Our thoughts create our reality. Here are some Affirmations which create a more positive, happier more fulfilling reality.

HA28 One Thought at a Time by J Marshall
I harm or heal myself One thought at a time. I discover myself and others One thought at a time. I live my life One thought at a time.

My telephone rings, I choose a thought. I choose to choose from among the many positive thoughts. A connection with the outside world. A friend. A client. Information. Happy News. Appreciation. Technology. An answer.

Be Flexible

Be FLEXIBLE, Don’t be a Perfectionist and do try to be Adaptable in your expectations of yourself and events around you. Our expectations can be so inflexible that even one small event can ruin the day for you. By maintaining an openness to changes in your plans and having back up strategies you will feel great every day.


“7 Solutions for Practical Stress Management”
Stress is amazingly persistent, even seductive. We get used to feeling tight and tense. Though positive thinking has its place, unless it is backed up by practical wisdom it tends to get overwhelmed and fade away.

HA108 Dealing with Disappointment, Disillusionment & Discouragement by RE Najemy
A wise teacher once said, ” No appointments, no disappointments.” We experience these somewhat similar emotions when we have created expectations concerning what we will receive from others, God, life or even from ourselves. We might also feel such emotions concerning our own abilities or efforts when we are unable to achieve the goals we desire.

“What Stress is…”
Stress is an abnormal condition that disrupts the normal functions of the body or mind.

No two people are affected in exactly the same way, or to the same degree, but most people living in our highly industrialized society suffer from its effects at one or more times during their lives.

Symptoms range from mind headaches, occasional bouts of insomnia, overall restlessness, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

“7 Weeks To A Happier Life”
Life is usually what we make it. Wait a minute — did I say “make it”?

I know, I know, the conventional theory is that “life happens” — um, yeah, I cleaned that up a bit.

“9 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Just Don’t Feel Like It”
Achieving the really big goals and dreams always involves breaking it down into do-able little steps.

Assuming that you’ve picked a goal or dream that you really love working at, then most of the steps are a delight to take.

No matter how much you love your dream and no matter how much you love your work, there are going to be tasks along the way that you really don’t want to do.

Better Relationships self help

Have better RELATIONSHIPS with family and friends that will support you in positive ways. Problems with Parents? Your family not as supportive of you as you need? Friends bringing grief into your life?

Here are some self help strategies to bring warmth, love and respect into your relationships.


“Be the Kind of Friend Everyone Loves to Have”
You can’t please everybody; there will always be someone you know who isn’t very pleased with you. In fact some may even hate you. Even within the circle of your friends, you cannot be assured that all of them like being around you. Have you ever thought of the reasons why? But whatever the reasons are, here are some tips that will surely help you be that type of friend everyone wishes to have.

“Dealing with Difficult People 101”
”An overburdened overstretched executive is the bestexecutive, because he or she doesn’t have the time tomeddle, to deal in trivia, to bother people.” Jack Welch

Dealing with difficult people can make your life and yourjob miserable. Beyond a point, you cannot control difficultpeople. You can only control how you react to them. Ifthese difficult people consistently anger or intimidateyou, or simply rattle your cage, they ultimately controlyou.

“Fun Personality Test”
This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get a better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees.

It’s only 10 simple questions, so… Grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your letter answers.

“Enhancing Esteem within the Family”
Enhancing esteem is pretty much a family matter; and if it doesn’t happen there, it is doubtful it will happen anywhere. Enhancing your child’s self-esteem is next to the greatest contribution you can make in your child’s life. The greatest, of course, is helping him cultivate a meaningful life.

It should be realized that without a healthy and wholesome self-esteem, you are not able to freely and fully love someone else. You don’t give yourself to others or consider them valuable if you don’t first of all consider yourself worthy.

“Making Life Count”
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.

“You ARE loved”
You may not realize it, but it’s 100% true.

1. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

“7 Keys To Better Relationships”
Would you like to enhance the quality of your life and increase your personal happiness? If you answered “yes,” the information in this article could change your life!

“Getting to know your friends & relatives”
What you’re supposed to do is COPY (not forward) this entire email and paste it onto a new email that you’ll send.

Change all of the answers so they apply to you. Then send this to a whole bunch of people you know *INCLUDING* the person who sent it to you.

The theory is that you’ll learn a lot of little known facts about your friends/relatives.

Online Dating Guide

“Dating Ideas For the Clueless”

“Getting Started with Online Dating”

“Online dating: Is it right for you?”

“Tips To Secure Your Online Dating Safety”

“Christian Online Dating”

“Tips on How to Find a Date Online”

“Mastering the Art of Online Flirting”

“Best Personal Ad Tips: The Best Way To Advertise One’s Self”

“Don’t Be Blind – Learn Blind Date Tips”

“Dating Do’s And Don’ts”

“First Impression: Advice For That First Date”

“Free Online Dating Services: When Free Things Matter”

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Your SELF IMAGE shapes your Self Esteem

Shapes the way you feel about yourself and what you expect from your life and the people around you. You do deserve the best that life has to offer you, so why not develop a genuine expectation that life will always be abundant, supportive, fun and joyful?


HA10 The Power of Perception by J Marques
How many mornings did you get up, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Oh boy, how can I present myself to the world looking like that? How can I ever be successful if this is what I am?” And how many mornings did you get up, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Today is the day! I can feel it in my bones, in my toes, in my fingertips. I’ll sweep them of their feet!”

“Activities in building self-esteem in children”
One of the main issues that parents must deal with when raising a kid is their self-concept and self-esteem.

Teaching our kids to value themselves and their talents can be a tricky thing to do as parents must be able to achieve a balance between allowing their kids enough independence to be able to decide for themselves and act on their own and the guidance that will keep them in the right path.

Being too lax and giving them too much freedom can lead to rebellion while being too strict can destroy a child’s independent spirit and foster too much dependence.

“Dynamics of building self-esteem in children”
One of the main things that a person should have in order to become successful and to lead a long and happy life is to have a full trust in himself and his capabilities. Loving yourself enough to know your limitations and your strengths is one of the ingredients in leading a life of contentment.

“Dynamics of building self-esteem in children”
One of the main things that a person should have in order to become successful and to lead a long and happy life is to have a full trust in himself and his capabilities. Loving yourself enough to know your limitations and your strengths is one of the ingredients in leading a life of contentment.

“Building A Self Esteem Lesson Plan”
Self-esteem by definition is the way a person perceives the self. Those who have a strong belief in one’s capabilities are able to succeed in just about anything while those who don’t will experience a lot of difficulty in life.

Self-esteem is not something people are born with. This has to be developed and if parents are not able to do a good job, perhaps a child psychologist can help where this is lacking.

Building a self-esteem lesson plan takes time. The way to approach the problem will be through a test. The system itself as many doctors admit is not perfect but this is better than nothing for those who need help.

“Building Self Esteem Among Teens”
Someone once said that people are products of society. This is true because outside the home, friends influence the person and this could either mean doing some good or bad things.

In the end, whatever happens outside comes back into the home. Teachers will probably talk to the parents to update the his or her development in the school. The worse can scenario is being called to the precinct to pick up the teen.

“Building Self Esteem in a Teenager”
When babies are born, everyone starts on equal footing. The events that happen years later will determine if someone is smart or just average. This will all depend on the child’s upbringing until one becomes a teenager.

At that age, the individual will be able to think for him or herself without that much assistance anymore when one was still an infant.

“Dressing up for the Success Interview”
Prepare and practice for an interview. After the date and venue has been set, allow time for enough preparation for the big day. Remember that first impressions do last, so the way an applicant look really does matter.

HA46 How to Tune In Your Brain to Feel Confident with People in Moments, self help article by Peter Murphy
One day when I was in school, many years ago, the school principal wandered into our class room, sat down and started to talk.

He talked and talked; and there was nothing we could do to stop him seeing as how he was in charge!

HA47 How our personal reality is created, self help article by Robert Elias Najemy
I was sitting on a bench in the National Park in the centre of Athens, Greece while three children played nearby. They were playing “basketball”, trying to throw a ball into a garbage can. The older boy, about seven years old, had thrown the ball in four times, and his young girlfriend had thrown it in twice. His little sister, however, who looked to be about five years old, had not been able to make even a single basket.

HA48 Manifesting – Create Your Own Reality, self help article by Nisandeh Neta
now. For 5 years I have taught others the tools that I myself have learned in a course called ‘Manifesting Results’. Some people come to the course with a preconception that I’m going to teach them how to manifest. The bad news is that I’m not going to do that.

HA9 Ten Easy steps to Organise your Clothes Closet by T Frasch
The clothes closet is one of the fastest places in our households to get cluttered. It’s so easy to stick something that you don’t know what to do with in the closet.

After all it’s out of the way and keeping some other part of your house from becoming cluttered.

“Your Personal Image: It’s Your Most Important YOU Asset”
Your personal image: It’s the most important “YOU” asset that you own.

Your personal image, the perception that people have about you, affects your success in every aspect of life – your life on the job, your social life, even your “personal” relationships with others.


to your life for greater passion, joy of achievement, and contribution. Remember the last time you woke up and just jumped out of bed, rushing toward the day ahead with an attitude of anticipation and excitement? You may not feel like that EVERY single day, but these self help strategies will help to bring you more than you have been getting lately.


“Discover Your Life Purpose”
Everyone has a life purpose; a unique and special something each of us is supposed to do in LIFE.

A life purpose is not a specific job or career, it is much deeper and much more fulfilling. Now, you can uncover your own life purpose.

You can do it the easy, fast, modern way, using a modestly priced online program, or you can uncover your own life purpose using the more difficult (but free) old-fashioned do-it-yourself method.

“Create Your Own Mission Statement for Your Personal and Professional Life”
Two of life’s greatest tragedies are: Never to have had a great mission in life, and to have fully reached it so there is no challenge remaining.

HA7 Finding our Life Purpose by RE Najemy
Each of us has incarnated to play a specific role. When we find our special role and play it with love, we experience contentment and happiness. When we lose contact with our life purpose, or do not have the courage to live it, we experience discontent and sometimes depression

“Donkey in the Well – positive attitudes”
One day a farmer’s donkey fell down a well.

The animal cried piteously as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth the time and trouble to retrieve the donkey.

“How Do You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life?”
Someone recently asked me the question: “How can I have more opportunities come into my life?” Good question, but I think my answer surprised them a bit.

I bypassed the obvious (and necessary) points about hard work, persistence and preparation.

“10 Potential Outcomes That Can Positively Change Your Life”
One of the hallmark traits of both top producers and successful businesses is their conscious and consistent investment in personal and professional growth. How much are you investing in your own business and personal growth?

If you begin today consistently investing in the personal growth strategies that we suggest below, here are 10 potential outcomes that can be achieved:

“11 things you did not learn at school”
Charles Sykes, the author of DUMBING DOWN OUR KIDS, provided for high school and college graduates a list of eleven things they did not learn in school.

In his book, he talks about how the feel good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality, and set them up for failure in the real world.

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Your RECREATION activities are what charge your batteries when you take time off to do the things you really enjoy. When did you last have fun? Have you developed a Hobby that you truly love, that allows your creative energy to flow and makes you feel happy every minute that you are engrossed in it? How was your last Holiday? These self help suggestions will help to get the ideas flowing for more fun in your time off.


“Some tips on backpacking”
Travelers around the world enjoy seeing the sights and wonders of different places with only a backpack for all the things they need. Because they only have a pack on their backs, the possibilities of new sightseeing and activity adventures are limitless.

“The Best Shindig outfit”
Going to a party?

If you are, you definitely should plan on that attire! Are you going to dress up? Or would it be okay to dress down? Are you going to be the life of the party? Or would you rather blend in among the crowd?

Whether you are the one who is going to throw a party or you are just merely attending one, the party attire is definitely the detail you would not want to miss out on. You should know everything there is about sporting the best attire as you host or attend that party.

“Hail The Graduate”
Graduations are always special. They are considered as a significant milestone in any person’s life. And what better way to commemorate a job well done and a promise of a bright future but with a big graduation bash.

“5 Wonderful Kid’s Party Planning Ideas”

“Tips on Choosing Party Favors”

“Cakes To Suit Your Party Needs!”

“Party Planning Checklist”

“Five tips for greenhorn party planners”

“At Your Service”

“Groovy Ways to Party”

“Slumber Party Planning Tips”

“Planning a Surprise Party”

“Party Planning Technique: Decors for the Holidays”

“Hosting A Party For Your Teens”

HA3 A Little about (Baking) Cookies, self help article by Jan McCracken


Enjoy yourself AT SCHOOL and at WORK so that you are happier in all areas of your life We spend so much time “on the job” that what happen during those hours will impact on our view of our whole day, life and the world in general.

We need to develop skills to deal with any problems so that we can still enjoy the rest of our lives.


“Unclutter Your Room: Tips To Achieve An Orderly Room”
. Don’t throw things and leave them lying around; tidy it up by putting things away in a cabinet or drawer, where they belong. Each time you dress up, make a habit of putting the dirty clothes in the hamper, and hanging the clothes that you will still be using on the rack.

“Coping Up With Learning Disability Disorders”
At first glance, 5-year-old David might look like your typical preschooler who is gleefully running, jumping, and playing until he dropped.

Upon closer observation, David’s teacher noticed that something was amiss. Whenever the teacher gave instructions for a class activity, David would just stare at her with brows curved, as if wondering what she was saying.

“ Optimizing Speech Development and Language Skills in Children”
We never fail to celebrate incomprehensible babblings uttered by our babies, giving meaning to them as if they were real words.

On the other hand, we beat ourselves in frustration when every other baby except our own has already begun talking. Indeed, one of the milestones that cause great excitement – and anxiety – in parents is their child’s speech development.

“Searching for Perfect Teen Jobs”
Just because you are a teen doesn’t mean you can’t find a good job to either help you through schooling or to get a few extra bucks for your various hobbies and needs. Here are a few tips on bagging a great teen job

“How to Create a List of Warm Contacts”
Usually when you are looking for a job, you would ask for help from family and friends. You would contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities and tips.

“Entry-Level Jobs 101: 4 Must-Know Tips”
For most people, aiming for a higher position at once is the key to job search success. However, for some people who know that in order to succeed in the job market, they have to, literally, start from scratch.

“The Ideal Resume”
When one goes for an interview, the potential employer has no idea of who the applicant is. In some cases, the person applied to the ad while others used a headhunter or job site on the internet and matched their credentials for the position.

“Wage for the New Grad”
Fresh out of college, most people are excited about landing that first job. Given that most grads do not have work experience or only had a part time job while studying, it is not easy to secure an executive position right away.

“How to Make the Best Out of Job Fairs”
Finding a job is such a daunting task. Here, there, and everywhere, job seekers tend to look for the best means in order to find the best jobs.

“Quo Vadis, New Graduate?”
According to a recent survey by Job Outlook, for the third year now there is a positive increase in hiring fresh college graduates for 2006. Business owners plan on hiring more from the class of 2005-06 than they did from the 2004-05 class as well as offering higher compensation and benefits for the new hires.

“Job Hunting Tips”
Hunting for jobs nowadays is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams.

“The Job Interview”
The second step in getting a job is having an interview with a potential employer. The first step was sending your application and after careful review by the company, you are seen as candidate for the vacant position.

“Tips in a Job Interview”
The second step in getting the job is meeting the potential employer for an interview. The first step that an applicant has successfully completed was sending your application and passing the screening process of the company.

HA238 Children’s Activities A to Z , Babysitters guidebook for “child play”

HA34 Four Reasons why we Procrastinate by C Halsey

“Seven Helpful Steps for Self-Motivation”
You can list down as many dreams as you can! You may be dreaming of fulfilling your greatest desire, getting the best education that can be obtained by money, or buying the car of your dreams.

However, all will be futile if you cannot push yourself to strive hard to succeed in your goals. Motivation is an integral element in becoming successful in any undertaking.

“Do You Know Your Intelligence Quotient?”
What exactly is an Intelligence Quotient? It’s a score derived from a set of standardized tests that scientists have developed to try and accurately measure a person’s cognitive abilities, in relation to others in their own age group. It’s usually used in addition to others related to academic success.

In 1974, David Wechsler developed the WISC-III test. In 2003, a revised version was released called WISC-IV. Nowadays, you can even take online IQ tests. While they’re popular and fun, they are not expert certified, nor are they as long as the traditional tests, as well as lacking the usual time limit.


SCHOOL & STUDY, and SELF GROWTH BOOKS – strategies for a happier time while learning.


“Eliminating Bad Habits”
What is addiction? According to the Webster’s dictionary, addiction is the act of putting oneself to a habit. Meaning, the person involved is being reliant on something to the point of eventual obsession. Such habits are generally viewed as bad and harmful, since they can be uncontrollable at times.

“Eliminate Procrastination, Now!”
We have all heard the adage, “We all get the same 24 hours,” and still wonder how some people are able to get so much done in so little time. Or, we gawk at others’ ability to stay motivated and compelled to finish their jobs ahead of time.

“Effective Ways In Handling Change”
Change is the only thing that is constant in life.

This holds true for every person because change is inevitable. Change can happen anytime, regardless if you are ready or not!

When it occurs, the best thing to do is to confront it head on and get it over and done with. People who run away from change have found themselves frustrated as they find themselves encountering the same problem repeatedly.

“5 Ways to Become More Likeable”
Man is a social animal, as Aristotle once said. This want and need to belong and be accepted by others is what drives us to be civil toward others. In fact, there might be times when we want nothing but to see our intimidators get run over by a bus (yikes!) but we choose to endure the pressure and react in an amiable manner in order to merit niceties, as well.

“Effective Tips on Good Negotiation”
Negotiation is not a common term in the world of business and politics. Through negotiation, countless differences have been reconciled and agreements have been reached benefiting all those who are concern. In negotiation, no one should feel like being the loser; everybody should have the certain “winning” feeling. Negotiation is both a skill and a power. If you know how to negotiate, you can have all the things you can ever dream of.

“Dealing With Defiance In A Child”
There is a distinction between normal childishness and willful defiance. Every growing youngster needs space in which to discover, learn, make mistakes, and experience all the other things involved in growing towards maturity.

Children naturally forget to do a household chore every now and then. They spill milk and water… and juice… and Coke… everything! These are part of being a child. They are not trying to be malicious or defiant; they’re just learning the ropes. To come down hard on a little one for such actions is unfair. Discipline is inappropriate on these occasions.

HA100 When Stress Takes Over by Brigitte Synesael

“Getting Help with Stammering”

“Eliminate the Stutterings”

“Public Speaking Basics for Starters”

“Public Speaking Tips for Kids”

“Improving how you speak in public”

“Rehearsing: A Way to Eliminate Public Speaking Anxiety ”

“Body Language and Interviews”
People in the corporate world will unsurprisingly be inclined to accept innate forms of manners or conduct that are defensive instead of being frank, direct, and mutual.

No wonder why sentiments are considered tough influences in the office and why the employer would normally act in response to condemnation or disapprovals.

“The Wonders of Body Language”
Actions do speak louder, much louder, than words. If every action and gesture could only be instantly converted to real and communicative words, you would be surprised to hear the loudest screams from every action from people.

About reading Body Language
Some people have unconsciously given out the real content of their hearts and of their minds on actions. That is why through the years, communication experts and researchers have dealt a great time and focus into looking closely at body language.

“Beliefs are what make people.”
Try to figure and think it out. You do the things you do because of your belief in something.

Makes sense, huh. There are many forms and types of religion all around the world because people have different set of beliefs about God and the existence of heaven, which is the afterlife.

“Is a fear of spelling getting in your way?”


“Let’s concentrate on personal development!”

“Organizing your kid’s room; it is not as difficult as you think”
Has this happened to you? You casually pass by your kid’s room and decided to peek in. Surprises of surprises, you discover that a seeming tornado of chaos has passed by it. You as a parent cannot help but sigh as well as dutifully explain to your kids to keep their room organized and clean.

“Tips to Keep Your Children’s Room Tidy”
You want your children to be organized and stay safe, but your kids have other things in mind. Your kids want to play, play and play! If you are having a hard time keeping your children’s room clean and organized, read on some tips to help you with your goal.

teenager self help


Yes, at some point you need to do more than just read these self help strategies, you need to develop and define your goals and get yourself into action. The sheer Joy of Accomplishment is well worth the effort.


Inside Secrets to Building More Will Power, self help article by Dr. VetterSelf Help article:

My Grandmother used to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

My Grandpa Vetter said his definition of ‘Will Power’ was, “Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.”

As you sit there reading these words, letting your eyes move from word to word, thinking your next thought you may be wondering is my ‘will’ strong enough or how can I build more ‘will power’?

I guess the first place to start is why would I want to build my will power? What would be important about building my will power?

Like me, you’ve probably thought or heard, “I can’t do that, I just don’t have the will power.”

I find it interesting when working with clients who want to stop smoking or losing weight or changing a bad habit or making more money or have more control over themselves, one of the main complaints are, “I don’t have enough will power”.

I’ve even had people say they don’t have any will power. Of course this comes out of much frustration of attempting to do or have something and not getting it.

Temporarily, people may lose sight of the fact that we all use will power all the time.

‘Will Power’ is the moving force behind our intention or the force that carries us to our outcome or destination.

Getting up, going to work, going to the store all involve the use of the power of will.

The difficulty that people sometimes face is continually applying their force of will over an extended period of time, in the same direction, to get a desired result such as weight loss, stop smoking, stress reduction or the changing of any unwanted habit.

Will Power is not the only tool that can be applied to accomplish what we want, yet here we have chosen to improve our ability to use our will.

I had one teacher who called ‘will power’ the junk candy of the mind because they didn’t recognize that what they were explaining (imagination) was a builder of ‘will power’ not a substitute.

There are many ways to build ‘will power’ and we are going to discover a really fast one here.

Again, please realize you already have more than enough ‘will power’ and as with anything else, once you learn or remember how to direct the ‘will power’ you have the more you seem to have and the more you get your desires.

The first thing to understand in building more ‘will power’ is that ‘will power’ is not a thing unto itself.

The strength of your ‘will power’ is in direct correlation to the intensity of your intention. Naturally, the intensity of you intention is increased by considering as many of the aspects of the outcome of your intention as possible.

article continued HA55 Inside Secrets to Building More WillPower by Dr. Vetter

“How dreams become goals”
It is wonderful to have a dream. It can also be wonderful to have a goal. True, there is a school of thought that maintains we should not need goals. We looked at this view a few months ago.

My own perception of this viewpoint is that it applies to those goal-lists that time management folk’s advocate. They can be useful, or a burden, depending on where you are in your personal growth. Today, though, I am looking at something different.

“How to Instill a Sense of Social Responsibility in Kids”
Kids learn how wonderful it is to be a contributing member of the community by taking part in helping the disadvantaged. This cultivates in them life lessons, such as cooperation, tolerance, respect for life, and loyalty.

How can you pass on this virtue to your little ones?


“How to Improve Your Goal Setting Skills”
Life is a journey. Not just any journey, but the most fantastic journey in the universe.

Life is a journey from where you are to where you want to be. You can choose your own destination. Not only that, you can choose how you are going to get there. Goal setting will help you end up where you want to be.

“How To Improve Your Supervising and Leadership Skills”
In organizations we must work with and for others. To be able to mutually achieve our goals we must be able to relate to others effectively. These ideas will help you be a better supervisor and leader.

“How To Improve Your Planning Skills”
Planning is written about and talked about more than it is done. Here are some ideas that will encourage you to plan your activities in advance.

“How To Improve Your Self Management Skills”
You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself. If you do not manage yourself, then you are letting others have control of your life. These tips will help “you” manage “you.”


One of the most common indications of stress is lower back pain.

This is particularly so if we are hunched over an office desk for great periods of time. Learn to notice when your back is feeling the strain and give it a little TLC.

1. Find somewhere quiet and lie down with your arms at your sides, knees bent and soles of your feet in contact with the floor.

2. Tense your stomach muscles, drawing your stomach in and flattening your back against the floor. Slow and regulate your breathing.

3. Now relax your stomach.

4. Carry out two further repetitions of the above.

5. Lying flat on your back, extend your right leg so that it is flat to the floor and keep the left leg bent at the knee.

Keep the palms of your hands flat to the floor and bring your left knee (still bent) across your right leg, attempting to touch the floor with it.

6. Now relax.

7. Repeat step 5 two more times and then three further repetitions with the other knee. Never force the above twisting motion – gradually does it.

Remember, if lower back pain is persistent seek medical advice as soon as possible.

copyright HealthChat 2000 Dr. Sims is the Medical Director of FitStop, the UK’s foremost group of health and fitness centers, and an expert on matters relating to fitness of body and mind.

“Five Ways to Get Rid of Sadness”
Life is so unpredictable.

One moment your face is beaming with a ray of happiness and then the next day you suddenly feel weak, with low energy, and unable to accomplish anything. If you are experiencing the latter, then you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

HE102 Taking the Strain off Your Back (when you study)
One of the most common indications of stress is lower back pain.

This is particularly so if we are hunched over an office desk for great periods of time.

Learn to notice when your back is feeling the strain and give it a little TLC.

“Why We Get Sick”
Why Recent advancements in the knowledge of how our bodies function has altered the thinking of many people in health and related fields so that they now give more thought and consideration of each individual’s contribution to his or her level of health.

More and more health professionals are becoming aware that their most important contribution to health care may be in the prevention of illness, rather than in the cure. This means, among other things, teaching people that the ultimate responsibility for health belongs to each of them.

“Change Your Lifestyle to Conquer Obesity”
Obesity is a widespread condition that is plaguing many individuals today. It is rampant in today’s society that it is now considered a public health concern.

When a person’s intake of energy, which he gets from the food he eats, exceeds that of the energy burned or expended, the excess energy is stored in the body as fatty tissues. Over time, the amount of fat accumulates. When the accumulation of fat posses a serious risk to one’s health, the condition is known as obesity.

“A Review Of Techniques In Managing Your Depression”
Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get best of them. As aresult, here is a short list of techniques that a person can useto help manage their depression.

I was told by a counselor that one of the ways to managedepression is to challenge your negative thinking with positivestatements and realistic thinking.

“A Funny Way to Lose Weight”
Weight loss is hardly a laughing matter here in the Obese Nation, where two-thirds of adults are overweight or worse. But the newest aha! breakthrough in the battle of the bulge just might prompt a snicker — and maybe make you healthier.

“Anorexia Health Therapy”
The current concerns about Anorexia and Bulimia in society today means that we all need to be more vigilant in our awareness of the health and wellbeing of our loved ones.

Below is an interesting article for your information and also some incredible successful health results from people using Herbalife products.

“Beating The Blues With Exercise”
Exercise as an antidote to depression and anxiety is not a new concept. In the 18th century Scotland, doctors in mental hospitals prescribed heavy farm chores as “the best medicine” for their patients and documented marked improvements in mood and behavior.

Now scientists are studying the link between exercise and mood changes at close range and coming up with some fascinating results.

3 – Your Prosperity – How to Have More Money:

Below are strategies to save or make you more money.

Money making ideas include increasing your pocket money, getting some part time work, and even starting your own home based part time business while you study.

You need to become familiar with the responsibilities of earning and managing money, such as the most cost effective ways to use Banks, and also how to reduce Tax costs where possible when you start making larger amounts of money.

Here are some starting points………



You got your first after-school job. Now you understand why your parents always complain about taxes.

The boss said you’d be making $150 week. So how come your check is for a lot less than that? New employee, meet Uncle Sam.

He’s the one taking a chunk of your spending money. His cousin, the state tax collector, could be getting a piece of your earnings pie, too.

This is because of payroll withholding, which basically is pay-as-you-earn taxation.

article continued P117 Welcome to the working world (and tax) by Kay Bell


“How to Make Money without Making Enemies”
Anytime is the best time to talk about gaining wealth without making enemies. Occasions, such as Christmas, provide a special reason. The best example is Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

“How to Save Money and Avoid Temptations”
Saving money and financial management is very crucial in one’s life. Money is very important in order to survive in this world but only a few people know how to manage their household budget properly. Many people have a hard time saving money even if it is for their own good.

“Tips on How to Save Money When Shopping”
Shopping is very addictive. Most of the time, the household budget is sacrificed once you go shopping. Shopping should not give you headaches as long as you know how to budget. Here are the things that you need to remember:

“Tips on How to Save Money on Transportation”
Prices go higher every year, especially the cost of gas. Transportation is one big factor that makes the household budget difficult to cover all your expenses. Here are some guidelines to help you save money from transportation:

“Essential Money Saving Tips for Students”
It is easy to get caught in the rush of things when you are in college. In the midst of studying, part-time jobs, socializing and extracurricular activities that you have, you are most likely to forget one of the most important things, which is straightening out your finances.

“Cutting your Kids’ Schooling Costs”

“Tips on how to Save Effectively in Banks”

“Finding Time; Tips for Gaining 2 Hours Each Day”

“Don’t Let Finances Rule Over Your Self-Esteem”

“Retire and the 406 Dollar Soda”

“Find 500 Dollars in Your Lunchbox”

“How to Save Money for Tuition Fees”

“Tips on How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money”

“Starting Young: Teaching Teens to Save Money”


Getting & Managing Credit Cards

“Student Credit Cards”
In today’s world, having a credit card is a luxury. Credit cards are a great convenience, meaning that you don’t need to worry about cash when making a purchase.

“Credit Cards For High School Students”
Students in high school that are looking to start building their credit early can get high school student credit cards. These credits cards can help teach high school students responsibility, and how to manage their credit at an early age.

“What Sets A Student Credit Card Apart From Other Credit Cards”

“Homework On College Credit Cards”

“How to Apply for a Credit Card Online”

“A Credit-free Card: What is a prepaid credit card?”

“How Credit Card Points Are Earned”

“Credit Card Interest Rates 101”

“A Credit-free Card: What is a prepaid credit card?”

“What are credit card rates?”

“Settle Smart: How To Do Credit Card Payment”

teenager self help save money

P112 Savings Ideas for Students by Nancy Twigg

P105 Thrifty Student Life by Celeste Buttermore Ulsh

P94 Money-strapped students can still save by Jeff Wuorio

P98 Finances for the Recent College Graduate by Alice

P116 Learn How to Bank by Kimberly Griffiths

BUDGETS to manage your money

P89 Budgeting for Teenagers (using computer spreadsheet) by Karen Jones

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