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People love to look good and appreciated. Many of them are going to spas, using beauty treatments, dieting, and other beauty rituals. What they often forget is that beauty must start from within.

When people feel good about themselves they are unknowingly boosting their self-esteem, projecting positive aura, and looking younger than their age.

People feel good if they are satisfied, when they are fit and healthy, but not necessarily ultra thin. Perhaps, the most significant factor necessary to feel good about “you” is feeling good about the body and its appearance.

Here are some simple tips that make people feel good about themselves:

1. Appreciate yourself.

Ever wondered what simple praise can do for a person? It cannot only boost your self-esteem but “fuel you” so that you do better by knowing that your appearance and efforts are recognized. This works similarly if a person often praises himself instead of frequently absorbing blame or pity. Optimistic people usually get the most out of life, they think positively; and in turn feel more positive about the things that they do. As a result, they attain an excellent personal and body image.

2. Fitness and exercise.

People feel good when they see a great body when they face the mirror. It makes them confident enough to wear clothes that they would not have worn previously and they are generally energized. Achieving this is easier said than done. Beginners can exercise in the comfort of their own homes, enroll at a gym, and become involved in sports. Exercise will improve their posture and balance as well as reduce stress that can cause unwanted wrinkles.

3. Proper diet.

Eating sensibly does not just guarantee a leaner and healthier body, but people feel good when they are spared from the trauma of admission to a hospital. They can participate in activities that they enjoy and spend quality time with their loved ones. Eating foods that are healthy and good for the body eliminates worries about unwanted weight gain and related diseases.

4. Make and keep friends.

People always feel better when they are surrounded by good friends who contribute to their enjoyment of life. Studies show that people who have friends have a lower stress level, recover from illnesses quicker, and live longer compared to those people who have few friends and prefer to be alone.

With all that is happening in today’s world, feeling positive and good is something that seems difficult or impossible to achieve. However, by learning to practice the simple tips mentioned above you will at least one-step closer to that goal.


Being Happy and Beautiful

Happiness is not an end-all product. It is actually one of the factors in keeping one’s beauty.

Being happy is one of the key things that keep a person healthy and beautiful. This article tries to give some tips on how to maintain beauty by being happy.


How does one actually define happiness? Is it a state of mind or just an emotion? There are many schools of thought with regards to defining happiness. Whether it is a state of mind or just an emotion, people would know how to internally define what happiness is. Feeling good about oneself and his surroundings is a general definition of happiness.

Happiness is said to be directly correlated somewhat with one’s physical state. Yes, it doesn’t necessarily have any effect on the inborn attributes of a person, but it does affect the glow of one’s skin, the shine of one’s hair and the overall aura of a person.

Tips on how to stay happy

Positive light

People have a choice regarding how they perceive things. Everything is subject to one’s view and we can use a positive light to be able to see through things. Seeing positively is one of the key secrets of a happy person. Yes, life is composed of ups and downs but people should always remember that there is a silver lining for all the upsets that are happening in their lives.

Down with stress

Work is usually equated with stress and stress is mainly a key driver of unhappiness. It’s all about making the right choice and the proper budgeting of one’s time and energy. There are people who stay well and happy even though they are subject to stressful work because they know how to allocate time and energy and they love what they are doing.


Research has revealed that exercising regularly delivers emotional and mental boosts. Exercise improves one’s mood, self-esteem and confidence. A recent study done in Duke University has shown that regular exercise is very much effective in reducing depression, tension, confusion and anger.

Take a time out

Taking a rest, whether it be a long vacation or intermittent breaks during work, will benefit a person greatly.

Being happy makes one beautiful and being beautiful makes one happy. It’s a good cycle that one has to get into. It’s all about taking that first step towards self-liberation down to the road of happiness.


Why wit is always beautiful

Society’s obsession with beauty has made it the primary consideration among people of all ages and of any gender. They strive to attain improvements with clothes and other products to make themselves beautiful and they spend thousands of dollars on vanity products. There’s nothing wrong with that, but……..

Man’s proclivity for all things bright and beautiful is understandable because it is society’s measure of success and popularity. However, there are many people who spend most of their time trying to be physically beautiful yet they forget to fill their minds with the right ingredients for intelligence.

It is easy to be beautiful but it takes a lot of hard work to become intelligent, even if you are blessed with the genes to be so. But why should you consider being smart if you are already beautiful?

Most people look at beauty in terms of a person’s physical characteristics, but real beauty is beyond those long-lashes and those pouting lips. Real beauty is the total well-being of a person. It is the totality of a person in terms of his physical appearance and mental sharpness, his culture and experiences in life.

It may be a cliché but it is true that “physical beauty means more than a person’s “good looks”. A person’s mind is part of his physique and what better way to make your physique attractive than to nurture your mind.

While beauty of the face and body is the first thing that attracts one person to another, it takes more than these two physical characteristics to be considered beautiful in the long run.

Men and women have become so concerned with physical beauty that they tend to forget that what really makes a person beautiful are the words and ideas that come from his mind and mouth.

Imagine having to just stare at a beautiful girl for days without being able to talk to her because she is not intelligent? Or having to endure looking at an Adonis-looking male for hours because he does not know how to carry on a conversation?

Enhancing one’s physical appearance is an important factor that is necessary if we are to survive in this “rat race” which favors the beautiful over intelligence or the ugly. However, plain physical beauty with nothing between the ears will cause people to lose interest.

It is important to note that while physical beauty fades with age, a beautiful mind will always persist, no matter for how long, or no matter what it takes.

FreeSelfHelpBooks Happiness, Health, Wealth and wellbeing self help books and personal development articles about improving your Happiness, Health & Wealth, increasing your wisdom on how to be happy, using self help resources like self help site with free self help books on being happy with loving relationships, high self esteem & self confidence using self actualization and self growth resources. size=1>

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