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“ A Quick View of Different Surgical Procedures That Can Improve Your Appearance”
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Surgical procedures that are performed to enhance appearance are referred to as cosmetic surgery. In the 2003 alone, an estimated of 15 million individuals underwent cosmetic surgery: the main reason, to boost self esteem.

Even though health insurance rarely covers the cost of cosmetic procedures, the number of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery continues to flourish.

Here are some surgical procedures:

1. Facelifts. With age, the skin’s soft tissues lose their “elasticity”. Gravity then allows the skin to loosen and show sagging and deep lines which make you appear old and tired. Facelifts and other isolated cosmetic methods offer both women and men a younger and more vibrant look as well as an improved outlook.

2. Blepharoplasty, also referred to as eyelid surgery, is done to correct the “tired look” of eyes brought about by excess drooping skin from the upper eyelids and “bagginess” of the lower eyelids.

3. Facial Implants. Are a stable or lasting technique that creates proportion and balance to the face. For instance, a withdrawing chin can be corrected through a “chin implant”, or a “sunken” appearance of the face can be corrected through cheek implants. You can also enhance thin lips through lip implants.

4. Rhinoplasty, also referred to as “nose reshaping” is the alteration or improvement of the nose by changing its’ shape by surgical means. Generally, rhinoplasty is performed to eliminate bumps on the nose’s bridge area, to straighten a crooked nose, lift a small nose, or reduce a “bulbous” tip.

5. Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is generally done to correct abnormally protruding ears. Usually, if only one ear protrudes both ears undergo surgery to attain balance. Otoplasty is also performed to reduce the size of large ears.

6. Eyebrow lift. This is performed for patients who want their eyelids and eyes enhanced.

7. Neck Lift. This is performed to reduce sagging and lines or can be done as part of a total “face lift” procedure.

If you decide to have cosmetic surgery, keep these guidelines in mind:

• With cosmetic surgery, less is better. Too frequently “facelifts” result in a distorted and unnatural appearance.

• Make certain that your surgeon is “board certified” and experienced in his field. Research well before deciding.

• The risk is greater when surgery will be done in a clinic rather than in the hospital.

• Before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, give your skin a few months to try skin rejuvenation topical treatments because the results can be dramatic and may change your mind about cosmetic surgery.

Celebrate a new you after your surgery; your appearance is certain to be enhanced, giving you greater self confidence with which to face the world!


Facial Implants to Improve Appearance

So You’re Thinking bout Facial Implants

Well, you’re not alone. An average of 350,000 men and women in the United States get facial implants annually. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) was the most used; but other facial implant procedures target the chin, jaw and the cheeks.

Facial implants can bring a more harmonious balance to a face. Whether it is to create a stronger more sculpted jaw line or to raise cheekbones, facial implants can be the answer to enhance your appearance.

So what do you need to know about getting facial implants?

First, look for a plastic surgeon that you trust. The basis for your trust has to be more than just thinking the doctor “seems okay.” You may feel embarrassed to ask, but it is well within your rights to inquire about the doctor’s credentials.

It is also perfectly acceptable to ask how many procedures (like the one you intend to have done), has the doctor previously performed. Getting recommendations from friends and acquaintances you trust is a good place to start.

(As a side note, do not be misled into thinking that a plastic surgeon and a cosmetician / aesthetician are the same. THEY ARE NOT. A plastic surgeon has gone through medical school and is licensed to perform surgery. Cosmeticians and aestheticians don’t have such training and are not allowed to carry out procedures like facial implants.)

Once you’ve decided which doctor to use, share what you want to achieve with the procedure with him: don’t expect the doctor to read your mind. If you find describing your desired look difficult, try taking some pictures to him as examples of the type of chin, jaw, or nose you desire to have following the surgery. Some doctor’s clinics have computer programs that can simulate an implant’s effect on the face to help with your decision of what you really want.

Next, be honest with your doctor regarding your lifestyle. Don’t start lying about your smoking habits just because it’s a doctor who’s asking you. Details like those are important for your plastic surgeon. It will help him / her address possibilities for infection and so that you can take steps toward a swifter recovery.

Finally, prepare yourself for the immediate effects of the procedure. Your body will react with a lot of swelling and discomfort, but this is natural as it is the body’s way of healing itself. Give it 7-10 days to relieve the swelling and a few more weeks before you participating in rigorous activities like sports.

Your new facial implant will greatly enhance your appearance. Just take the time to do your homework right.


Facial Plastic Surgery to Improve Appearance

Your Facial Plastic Surgery Checklist

Is it a nose or face lift? Cheek or chin implants?

Whatever type of plastic surgery procedure you think you need (or want); there are things to consider so that you get the best results not only for your appearance, but more importantly, your health and your self-esteem.

1. Who’s your doctor?This is the most important decision you will make; even above the issue of how expensive your face-lift will be. Plastic surgery is still surgery, which means certain things will be done to your body – which is something you should never take lightly.

Take the time to look for a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon that has performed, many times, the procedure you choose to undergo. You wouldn’t want to settle for a liposuction expert to work on your nose, right?

Also, make sure the person you are considering is a licensed doctor – because that’s what plastic surgeons are – doctors. They are not cosmeticians or aestheticians that took a 3-month course in some vocational school. For surgery, it’s a medical degree and nothing less.

2. Know what you want (but be ready to listen and follow your doctor’s advice). Although they hold a medical degree, your doctor is not a psychic who can read your mind. You need to tell him / her what you want to achieve from the procedure. Bring pictures to give your doctor an idea of what you have in mind. You doctor may even have a computer program for this very purpose.

However, listen to your doctor if they give you advice (because that’s what you pay them for!). If, for example, your doctor tells you that the cheek implant you want still won’t make you look like Jennifer Lopez listen and adjust your expectations accordingly.

3. This is going to hurt…… at least for a while, immediately after the procedure. But don’t be scared, the swelling and discomfort are indicators your body is reacting to the surgery by healing itself. In 7 to 10 days, the pain and swelling should subside substantially. But even then, give yourself enough time to fully recover (about a month or so) before taking up activities that can strain your body.

Finally, make sure you really, REALLY want the procedure (and not just because someone made a wise crack at how you look or told you that you should have plastic surgery). Plastic surgery exists to enhance the appearance you’ve already have – not to fix something that’s wrong with you, because there isn’t. And that’s something you don’t need a medical degree to know for certain.

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