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Natural Arthritis Remedies,

Tens of millions of people suffer from one form of arthritis or another. Most people continue to seek temporary relief through drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, or Extra Strength Tylenol and such.

Tens of thousands die and are hospitalized because of these medications yearly!

However, more and more people have become aware of the ever-growing number of natural alternatives for arthritis.

Alternatives that can actually give relief by supporting true healing. All this without damaging the stomach, kidneys and/or liver.

No wonder the popularity of these drug free alternatives has skyrocketed!

Let’s briefly review several of the more popular natural approaches.

Glucosamine Sulfate is probably the most popular relatively new arthritis “remedy”.

Glucosamine Sulfate (G.S.) is a natural substance healthy young bodies make. G.S. helps hydrate the cartilage between the joints.

This helps keep them moist, springy, smooth and “slippery” so to speak. Dosage is related to size and is usually from 1600 to 2400 mg for 6-8 weeks. It takes about that long for it to work. If it does, the dosage is continued long term at 400 to 1200 mg. per day.

“Mucopolysaccharides”, from sea cucumbers, have a similar reported nutritive action of “moistening” joints. Drug companies are actually trying to synthesize a similar compound for a prescription arthritis medication!

Anti-inflammatory enzymes from plant and animal sources have been proven to increase enzyme levels in the blood. Enzymes in the blood are one of the ways your body naturally deals with inflammation.

MSM, another sulfur containing compound, is a relative of DMSO, a liniment used on racehorses with joint pains. Though there is much less science behind MSM, anecdotal reports are extremely numerous. As such it is often included in “Joint Support” formulas.

As arthritis type complaints are one of the banes of aging, we have included Joint SYNergy in our on-line ” anti-aging pharmacy” at the RxShopping Channel.

This professional formula combines glucosamine, mucopolysaccarides, MSM and enzymes in a most complete formula for joint health.

Two tablets, twice a day for 6 weeks, followed by one or two a day long-term maintenance is the usual recommendation. Large persons, or those with advanced joint disease, may want to increase this “joint food” to two tabs, three times a day, with maintenance at three per day.

Another new, if less well-known supplement is cetyl myristoleate a.k.a.CM, CMO and CM+. CMO and its relatives are long chain fatty acids that interrupt the inflammatory response in cell walls, including the cell walls of joints.

Although expensive, a dose of 10-15 gm given over 4 to 6 weeks, if efficacious, is long lasting, so continued supplementation is often not needed for a while, even years. Sad to say, this product has become so popular that most of the formulas on the market are of inferior quality, if not a complete fraud!

That is why we have chosen to make CM+ available to our wellness community. CM+ is best taken 2 tablets, twice a day, for 6 weeks. Maintenance “feedings” are rarely required!

We recommend in tough cases combining CM+ with Joint SYNergy to maximize joint nutrition. Studies report an 87% satisfactory response with this combination!

Certain herbs are often useful in arthritis. These include, but are not limited to tumeric, ginger, boswalia, devils claw and white willow bark. Several are usually combined in one formula, often with Vit. C, manganese and other antioxidant nutrients.

For arthritis in just one or two joints, ointments of some of the above products, plus the herb cayenne or some other “hot” stuff is just recently becoming readily available.

Sometimes diets help. Some foods trigger attacks. Gout is a well-known example. A not so well known example is arthritis caused by “night shade” vegetables (potatoes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and tobacco).

Certain food sensitivities, even food allergy, can flare arthritis, especially the autoimmune type, like rheumatoid arthritis. DHEA and Pregnenalone have been used in large doses for autoimmune joint problems.

Sometimes eating a more vegetarian plant based, junk food free, low animal fat diet dramatically lowers pain and stiffness, adds extra energy, while lowering risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well!

If the arthritic joint is stuck a little out of its proper position, re-aligning it, usually by hand, will sometimes bring dramatic relief.

This is especially true in the spine, neck, and hips. Such doctor performed re-alignments, mostly performed by chiropractor and osteopaths, usually cause a harmless popping sound.

Believe it or not, there are many other natural remedies beside the few I’ve mentioned. This can make it difficult to find which is best for your particular condition.

Our best recommendation is to consult the natural health care provider of your choice, especially if Joint SYNergy and CM+ nutrients combined don’t help you after 8 weeks.

Natural Arthritis Remedies by Dr. John H. Maher, Editor.,”Longevity News” Your FREE Anti-Aging Prescription On-line. website:


“About Gastroscopy – acid reflux”
Acid Reflux is the other generally used name of Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, also more often referred as GERD.

“What are the Symptoms of Arthritis?”
Arthritis symptoms can vary depending on what type of arthritis you have.

Arthritis can affect several part of the body and can be caused by several different factors. Although many of the arthritis symptoms may be similar, there are also some differences.

“What is a Skin Rash?”
Rash” is a kind of red bump that forms on your body and could be caused due to a variety of reasons. This word is freely used in normal language to denote a number of skin conditions.

“Diabetes treatment”
Diabetes is identified with the excessive production of urine, hunger, thirst and excessive loss of weight, blurred vision, and delay in healing of skin, repeated infection, and excessive fatigue.

“Mesothelioma Information”
Medically, Mesothelioma as a word itself means a tumor that is more likely to transform in a fast proliferating cancer which affects the mesothelial cells of an organ, which form the protective thin covering over the organs like heart, lungs and abdomen.

“Improving Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms”
Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease where white blood cells suddenly attack healthy tissues, specifically joints and cartilage. There are a few ways to help ease the symptoms, depending on which stage of the disease you are in.

“Get to Know what is cancer”
All over the world, cancer is known to be as one of the most deadly disease ever to have affected the human race. Most of the medical researchers all over the world, consider cancer to be a “metabolic disease”.

Dealing with Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

“What Causes Insomnia and Who Suffers From It?”
It is commonplace for several people to suffer at least an occasional night of almost non-existent sleep.

The causes of insomnia differ from person to person. What made a student insomniac varies from what caused a shift worker or a traveler or an employee to acquire such sleeping disorder.

“The Types of Insomnia and Its Impact on One’s Health”
Enough sleep and rest is important to every living creature since it aids the body in replenishing the energy consumed during the day.

Insomnia, by itself, is not a disease. It may be a symptom of a physical and emotional imbalance or just manifestation of fatigue caused by lack of sleep.

“The Interrelationship of Depression and Insomnia”
Insomnia can be classified into three types based on the length of time it affects an individual.

Transient insomnia lasts only a few days and is usually due to changes in living or working conditions, which may be minor or traumatic.

“What Symptoms Indicate A Serious Sleeping Disorder?”
The experience of illness precipitates many stressful feelings and reactions like anxiety, anger, denial, shame, guilt, and uncertainty.

The diagnostic tests, the medical treatment, the prognosis, the body changes, the reactions of family and friends, the experience of hospitalization, and the projected changes in life style—all take part in a person’s adaptation to the new situation.

“Sleeping Disorders #1 – Night Eating Syndrome”
You woke up one morning, and you found that there were wrappers of candy bar all over your kitchen. Incidentally, your stomach aches and you see that you had chocolate smudges all over your hands and face.

“Sleeping Disorders #2 – Restless Legs Syndrome”
Do you experience painful leg muscles and an abnormally uncontrollable desire to move around just to partially relieve the pain? Beware of those symptoms for it could be a sign of a more serious illness.

“Sleeping Disorders #3 – Circadian Rhythms Syndrome”
Sleep forms part of human’s biological need to rest. As a person sleeps, the various physiological processes of a human body figuratively put into an apparent arrest and some parts of our system that were mostly exploited can be replenished for future use.

“Sleeping Disorders #4 – Conditioned Insomnia”
Several reports show that people who do not get enough sleep have the tendency to be sluggish, weak, sickly, and passive.

This goes to show that people who are deprived from restful sleep are greatly affected in term of their work performance and the way they communicate and interact with other people.

“Sleeping Disorders #5 – Sleep Apnea”
Sleep apnea is a health condition far more serious than what most would think of.

Sleep apnea is a health condition that happens when one’s breathing during sleep stop for a while, usually 10 seconds or even longer. Sleep apnea could happen 5 to 45 times per hour.

“Insomnia In Infants and Children”
There are some people who have problems falling asleep each and every night.

If they do, chances are they are afflicted by a psychological sleeping disorder called insomnia. Usually, people suffering from insomnia blame this for too much stress, worries, depression and a very worrisome life.

“Treating Insomnia – Do OTC Meds Work?””
A person who is suffering from sleepless nights, someone who frequently wakes up at night and rises up early in the morning even though that person does not have enough sleep is having a sleeping disorder known as insomnia. Insomnia is a condition in which a person is not getting enough sleep.

“Curing Insomnia With Behavior Modification”
Drinking 2 cups of coffee translates to 2 hours of tossing and turning in bed.

While the preceding sentence is not categorically accurate, it’s a fact that most of our behaviors effectively disrupts our sleep patterns and the length of time we can enjoy those restful hours of our life.

“How Exercise Affects Your Body Temperature Rhythm for better sleeping”
If you want to instantly increase the quality of your sleep, then start an exercise program if you don’t exercise already. Exercise helps you sleep better in a number of ways, I’m not even going to mention all the other health benefits!

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