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Self help resources for free easy simple recipes and meal ideas provided in free recipe e-books and free cookbooks.

Learning to cook a healthy meal, and having a variety of stimulating recipes to stimulate and motivate you to cook, is essential to breaking out of the habit of living on take away food.

Here is a whole cookbook library to start your healthy eating collection with.

Open up a cook book and select a meal to try today, hit the print button and try it out later.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE…. and here you will have many years of adventure with your easy food recipes.

A selection of recipes and cook books for you to explore, from all nations to give you ideas for meals, weight loss and easy meal recipes.

Healthy Cooking Recipies: One of the skills that must be mastered for your lifelong good health, is the art of cooking.

To live on fast foods and convenience foods, is a true “recipe for disaster” for your body.

Learn at least a couple of new recipes every 6 months, and build on your favourites as you go.

Below are a selection of healthy recipes and a few Cookbooks to print and start your recipe library with including this selection of recipes from around the world:

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(plus Mexican and Chinese Cookbooks)

Table of Contents:

Australia − Lamb Shank Pie
Australia − Fluffy Pikelets
Barbados − Barbadian Cake
Belgium − Waterzooi A La Gantoise
Bolivia − Palta Rellenos
Bulgaria − Tarator
Canada − Cheddar Cheese Soup
China − Hot−Fried Crispy Shredded Beef
China − Moo Goo Gai Pan
Czech Republic − Kolaches
Denmark − Hasselnodlagkage
Egypt − Feteer Bel Asaag
France − Poulet aux Morilles
France − Foie de Veau au Sauternes
France − Daube de Boeuf a la Provencale
Germany − Neujahrspretzel
Germany − Linzer Torte
Germany − Zwetschgenknodel
Greece − Baklavas
Greece − Souvlaki
Hungary − Szekelygulyas
Iceland − Leg Of Lamb with Caramel Potatoes
India − Naan
Italy − Basic Italian Bread
Italy − Gnocchi Alla Giordano
Italy − Asparagus Pasta col Pesto
Japan − Yakitori
Korea − Kim Chee
Libya − Halawah Bil−Fawaaki
Mexico − Carne Asada
Mexico − Flan
Mexico − Sopaipillas
Netherlands − Oliebollen
Newfoundland − Salt Cod Chowder
Nicaragua − Gallo Pinto
Norway − Norwegian Meatballs
Peru − Papas a la Huancaina
Philippines − Pancit Canton
Poland − Babka
Poland − Pieczen Siekana
Portugal − Caldeirada De Peixe
Puerto Rico − Taino Pollo Picante
Puerto Rico − Sancocho
Russia − Blinis
Russia − Pelmeni
Switzerland − Swiss Fondue
Syria − Koosa
Tunisia − Salata Mechouia Nablia
Turkey − Eggplant Imsakaa
United States − Flag Cake





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HA240 Lets Bake A Tradition, self help cookie recipe article by Ashley Ocampo

Let’s Bake A Tradition

HA3 A Little About Cookies…self help cookie recipe

HE004 Creative Casserole Recipes e-book by Rachel Paxton

HE82 Creative Guide to Crock Pot Recipes,e-book by Rachel Paxton

HE008 Fish and Game Recipe Sampler ebook

P78 Frugal Recipes From Wartime Britain by Colleen Moulding

HE95 How to Host a Healthy (vegan) Party by Sue Molenda

HE009 Pizza Recipe Sampler, self help cooking e-book

HE83 Making Yogurt at Home, Country Living Series

HEALTHY COOK BOOKS – “Healthy Cooking” and “Healthy Salad Recipes”

These e-books are available to download on your computer.

To save the entire cook book for your library, simply press mouse right hand button, and select “save target as” in the window that comes up, and save it on your desktop to print out later.

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Pizza Recipe Sampler

A choice of simple and fast recipes for easy meal ideas that can be prepared very quickly with a pitta bread base, and your selection of healthy toppings.

A Feast in 15 minutes… and with Pitta bread for dough you can even microwave the pizza for a couple of minutes for a quick warm up and melt down of toppings!

Healthy Pizza Recipe Book Index:

Thin Crust Dough
NY Style Dough
Sicilian Thick Crust
Whole Wheat Dough
Zucchini Dough
Garlic Rolls and Knots
Cooked Pizza Sauce
Uncooked Pizza Sauce
Oil Sauces
Sunny Side Up Pizza
Cheese Calzone
Chicago Style Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Thai Pizza
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Roasted Garlic and Peppers Pizza
Tex−Mex Pizza
Muffuletta Pizza
Grilled Pizza
Seafood Pizza
Pesto Pizza
Pizza “Pie”
Frozen Peanut Butter Pizza Pie

Select “PIZZERIA cook book, collection of pizza recipes” for this cooking recipe e-book

Healthy Cooking, selection of healthy recipes e-book

Healthy Salad Recipes, e-book of healthy meals for you

Cook book Collection, self help 240+ recipe e-book

PIZZERIA cook book, collection of pizza recipes

Mexican recipes free cookbook download

GAME & FISH cookbook,

BARBECUE / B.B.Q. cook book

CASSEROLES cook book

CHINESE cook book

CROCK POT cook book

INTERNATIONAL Meals , e-book cook book

LEMONADE drinks cook book

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