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Self help books, personal development articles and resources. Your self esteem, self image and self confidence shapes the way you feel about yourself and what you expect from your life and the people around you.

You do deserve the best that life has to offer you, so why not develop a genuine expectation that life will always be abundant, supportive, fun and joyful?

Below are self esteem, self image and self confidence self help articles related to improving your own Self Image and Self Esteem, your Appearance and your Presentation to the people around you as well as your overall levels of self esteem & Self Confidence.


The Power of Perception, self help confidence & self esteem article by Joan Marques

How many mornings did you get up, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Oh boy, how can I present myself to the world looking like that? How can I ever be successful if this is what I am?”

And how many mornings did you get up, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Today is the day! I can feel it in my bones, in my toes, in my fingertips. I’ll sweep them of their feet!”

Do you recall what in both cases the day looked like?

On mornings like the ones described first, you could actually just go back to bed and sleep the day away, because whatever it was that surrounded you, was negative and wouldn’t help you to reach your goal at all.

On mornings like the second, you could just not go wrong. Your smile, your touch, your complete presentation charmed each and everyone around you!

What was the difference?

No, not a new, expensive dress or suit you recently bought. And not a recent visit to the beautician. Not the new pair of shoes and not the weight you just lost.

In fact it may have been a day on which you just dressed in something you had been wearing many times before, gained some extra pounds, and had a pimple on your nose.

But it was your perception that made the difference! The way you looked at yourself. Your understanding of who you are.

It affects other people, issues, and situations as well. Newsweek recently wrote: “One’s terrorist may be another’s hero.”


Perception seems to have everything to do with our own selfish way of looking at everything. It may be influenced by the culture in which we grew up, and our personal characteristics. It may change within the same person over time, due to exposure to other cultures, people, or continuing education. But it’s always there.

It’s easiest understood through the worn-out example of 4 people who witnessed the same accident, but all 4 of them giving another story of how it happened. Perception. They see things through their historically and personally tainted lenses.

Perception has been known to represent completely different insights from people who have been together for a long time.

Although I haven’t mastered them yet (and probably never totally will), I did come up with some sort of list on how one can boost up one’s self-perception.

1. Through regular affirmations: try to tell yourself every time you look into the mirror, “You’re beautiful and I love you as you are.” I borrowed this affirmation a number of years ago, in a very dark period of my life, from a book by Louise Hay, who states that “what we give, we get back” (1984).

2. Through remembering and listing the things you have done in your life that you’re proud of. Do something with it! Make a nice certificate (in your favorite colors) and frame it if you want to, so that you can read it over and over again!

3. Through NOT saving the best for some vague special day in the far future, but treating yourself now! Wear that nice dress if it makes you feel better today! Put on those nice shoes!

Get that haircut that you’ve wanted for so long, but that everyone seemed to dissuade you from! I cut my long hair off 4 years ago (after having wanted to do it for 20 years) and decided to face the world openly. After the initial frowns and “What have you done with your hair?” people started to compliment me, because I felt good about myself, and I radiated it!

4. Through initiating a smile when facing someone else. It may not be rewarded with a smile in return every time, but in 90% of the cases it will. And it will bring some sun in your heart. Remember point 1: “What we give, we get back”

5. Through regular exercise. Try to find the physical activity that you like most. In my case it’s simply walking. Do it regularly. The psychological benefits exceed the physical advantages by far!

6. Through picking up a hobby. Do something you like. I picked up writing. Every time I burry myself in an article, I can feel the tension subsiding. Doing what you like gives fulfillment, enhances your creativity, and keeps the child in you alive.

7. Through stopping to regret mistakes you made in the past. The worst you can do to yourself is saddling yourself up with old guilt. You can’t change the past, so look ahead! Focus on what’s to come! Create your own future!

8. Through seeing things in the right (small) perspective: Not having friends doesn’t mean that no one loves you, having some problems at work doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, pleasing others doesn’t mean never pleasing yourself…

9. Through thinking through what we really like doing best, and working toward that. If it requires picking up a study, go for it! As soon as your goal is formulated, you can start working toward it.

10. Through loving yourself. Truly. You’ll still make mistakes. But stop thinking of yourself as a loser or you’ll be one!

HA10 The Power of Perception, self image by Joan Marques

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“Cleaning the Face Can Improve the Person’s Appearance”
The most common thing that people see in a person is their face. The movement of the eyes and lips can tell a lot about a person, making first impressions last. Since this part of the body cannot be covered like the others when going outdoors, proper care must be given to prevent blemishes and wrinkles from appearing.

Some people think that rinsing or washing the face with soap is enough to keep it clean. Studies have shown that some of the chemicals used in soap do more harm than good. Experts who have specialized in this field have developed the best products for people to use.

“What your Clothes Say about You”
People often say that your clothes define who you are. Generally, you wear clothes to fit the occasion.

Some people wear clothes they feel comfortable in while others feel the need to wear stylish clothes that follow the current trends of the fashion industry. No matter which of these categories you fit into, here are some basic rules of selecting different clothing styles to improve your appearance.

“How To Eliminate Negative Feelings Forever”
Today I want to talk to you about how to be spiritually fulfilled at work. Work occupies a big hunk of time in our lives. Its forty hours for most people and up to fifty, sixty, seventy, and more for others. So if we’re spending all this time at work, we may as well feel fulfilled.

“How to Succeed for the Rest of Your Life”
I spoke recently with the owner of a large clothing store who had poured years of effort into his business. He had achieved his dream and built a successful career. However, his hectic pace was becoming difficult to maintain.

“Improving Your Self Esteem”
Often in our society, we are bombarded with the lives of celebrities. We can end up feeling that if we are not part of the rich and famous, our lives are insignificant. Our society also sends a message of competition and achievement. We watch sports, we always hear about profit and the bottom line being the dollar, we see large companies competing and constantly buying each other out.

“Activities in building self-esteem in children”
One of the main issues that parents must deal with when raising a kid is their self-concept and self-esteem.

Teaching our kids to value themselves and their talents can be a tricky thing to do as parents must be able to achieve a balance between allowing their kids enough independence to be able to decide for themselves and act on their own and the guidance that will keep them in the right path.

Being too lax and giving them too much freedom can lead to rebellion while being too strict can destroy a child’s independent spirit and foster too much dependence.

“Building A Self Esteem Lesson Plan”
Self-esteem by definition is the way a person perceives the self. Those who have a strong belief in one’s capabilities are able to succeed in just about anything while those who don’t will experience a lot of difficulty in life.

Self-esteem is not something people are born with. This has to be developed and if parents are not able to do a good job, perhaps a child psychologist can help where this is lacking.

Building a self-esteem lesson plan takes time. The way to approach the problem will be through a test. The system itself as many doctors admit is not perfect but this is better than nothing for those who need help.

“Building Self Esteem Among Teens”
Someone once said that people are products of society. This is true because outside the home, friends influence the person and this could either mean doing some good or bad things.

In the end, whatever happens outside comes back into the home. Teachers will probably talk to the parents to update the his or her development in the school. The worse can scenario is being called to the precinct to pick up the teen.

“Building Self Esteem in a Teenager”
When babies are born, everyone starts on equal footing. The events that happen years later will determine if someone is smart or just average. This will all depend on the child’s upbringing until one becomes a teenager.

At that age, the individual will be able to think for him or herself without that much assistance anymore when one was still an infant.

“Building Self Esteem in a Teenager”
When babies are born, everyone starts on equal footing. The events that happen years later will determine if someone is smart or just average. This will all depend on the child’s upbringing until one becomes a teenager.

At that age, the individual will be able to think for him or herself without that much assistance anymore when one was still an infant.

“Building your Self Esteem”
A lot of people are hard on themselves. It is always good to hear people say that they do not compete with other people because they only have to outdo their selves.

This is a good attitude because when you focus on yourself, you develop at your own pace and you don not see yourself at a loser.

“Developing Self Esteem”
One of the important issues that parents need to address while their kids are growing up is how to develop their kids’ self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to the degree by which we respect and love ourselves for who we are.

Although it can be developed during any period of one’s life, the foundation of self-esteem is often built during the growing up years when the ego is still in the process of development.

“Dynamics of building self-esteem in children”
One of the main things that a person should have in order to become successful and to lead a long and happy life is to have a full trust in himself and his capabilities. Loving yourself enough to know your limitations and your strengths is one of the ingredients in leading a life of contentment.

“Help Build Your Partners Self Esteem”
As partners in life, couples have a responsibility to help each other out. The same is also true when it comes to psychological matters. This is why it is important that a person strives to help his or her partner improve his or her self-esteem.

Helping your partner improve his or her self-esteem is one of the best ways for you to express your love for him or her. You are not only doing him a favor when you boost his or her self-esteem, you are also contributing to the longevity of your relationship. For a relationship to work out, both partners must be emotionally and psychologically mature. A healthy self-image or self-esteem is one of the indications of maturity.

“Learn about building high Self-Esteem”
Self esteem self help is something that every person should have and the loss of it in a person spell disaster. Just like anything that a person has to have, a person should work at building his or her self esteem.

Before one can do that, there is a need to know things about self esteem. Self esteem is how a person perceives his or herself.

“Some Self Esteem Building Exercises”
There are simply times when we feel so bad about ourselves. It can be caused by a lot of things. Heartbreak is one of the most common reasons for low self esteem and is often the case for people who lost their self to their relationship.

For the people who are in love with their career, a demotion can kill their self esteem. Workaholics who get fired are the number one candidates of low self esteem.

“Some tips for building a Child’s Self Esteem”
Parents are very powerful figures in the life of any child. First of all, they are responsible for conceiving the child and for bringing that child into this world so everything that comes after there will still be held somewhat responsible.

The mother best of all has a special emotional connection with her children while fathers are mostly the ones who deal with practical things in raising children.

“Dealing with Difficult People 101”
”An overburdened overstretched executive is the bestexecutive, because he or she doesn’t have the time tomeddle, to deal in trivia, to bother people.” Jack Welch

Dealing with difficult people can make your life and yourjob miserable. Beyond a point, you cannot control difficultpeople. You can only control how you react to them. Ifthese difficult people consistently anger or intimidateyou, or simply rattle your cage, they ultimately controlyou.

Even if you find eyebrows to have a minor importance or just an insignificant detail, you must know that they have an important role in each of ours physiognomies.

Their shape and color influence a lot the expression and harmony of the face.

“How To Dress If You Gained A Few Pounds”
No matter the reasons – stress, not respecting some classic rules like avoiding sweets and too much bread – you managed to gain a few pounds.

Of course, you are starting a diet but the problem won’t solve itself overnight. In the mean time you need to hide somehow the fat tissue.

“Is a fear of spelling getting in your way?”
According to Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, the fear of being a bad speller is a remarkably common fear for people who want to write but are creatively blocked.

I will share with you a few of my on-going thoughts regarding the practice of keeping a journal. I am not an expert on subject: but I am a proponent of the art.

“Let’s concentrate on personal development!”
These days, watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers or internet news is real torture: nothing but sickening scenes, a horrible litany of killings, bombings, murder, rape…

“Your Personal Image: It’s Your Most Important YOU Asset”
Your personal image, the perception that people have about you, affects your success in every aspect of life – your life on the job, your social life, even your “personal” relationships with others.

“Healthy Self-Esteem”
As the world becomes more complex, competitive, challenging, self-esteem is more important than ever.

The shift from a manufacturing-based society to one based on information, and the emergence of a global economy characterized by rapid change have created growing demands on our psychological resources.

Recently, the focus of my work has been to show how self-esteem principles and technology can be used to improve performance in the work place.

“What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?”
This article helps individuals and entrepreneurs to set boundaries for their business in order to be more productive and live the life they want.

Remember the old Janet Jackson song, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Maybe you don’t and maybe I am just dating myself! This song was about a declaration of what a woman wants from her man. The point of the song was that the woman does everything for her man but what has he done for her other than cause her grief?

“You Are What You Think You Are”
Think out of the box, they say. But what’s a box? In the context of the discussion here the ‘box’ is the sub-conscious mind. More specifically box is the limitation imposed by sub-conscious mind.

“Affirmations = Life is a gift. ”
Love energy flows through me. I accept Love energy.

I accept the Divine. Unconditional LOVE is who I am. Who I really am is eternal. My perfect will is God’s will. I accept God’s will. God’s will be done.

“5 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal”
Everyone who has kept a personal journal knows that writing is a therapeutic process that helps integrate seemingly unconnected life events.

Some believe the process works because the physical act of writing (using your hand-eye coordination) occupies your left brain, leaving your right brain free to access emotions, intuit connections, and create new insights.

“6 Steps To Overcoming Your Worst Habit”
How ashamed are you of your habit? How much do you want to get over this habit? Thinking about the amount of “satisfaction” you gain from your habit, where would you place it on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest?

“Quiz: Are you creative? self help personality quiz”
Worried you may not be creative or you may not be creative enough? This quiz will help you find out just how creative you are.

“Making Life Count”
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.

“You ARE loved”
1. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.


HA43 Do You Feel Worthy? self esteem self help article by DG Wix
One of the things that can prevent you from reaching your potential is not feeling worthy. Feelings of worthlessness can result from things such as growing up in a dysfunctional home, childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, losing a job, maltreatment received from society, and rejection, just to name a few. If you have feelings of unworthiness, and I think we all do from time to time, it is important that you work to overcome them. Why? Because without feeling worthy, it is nearly impossible to reach your goals or your full potential. Let me just clarify that if you do reach your goals and still don’t feel worthy, you will engage in self-destructive behaviour. Just look at some of the lives of Hollywood stars.

HA62 Attitude is Everything, self image article by Jim Rohn
The process of human change begins within us. We all have tremendous potential.

We all desire good results from our efforts.

Most of us are willing to work hard and to pay the price that success and happiness demand.

HA125 “When You Feel Your Worst…”, self help article by Rox Sailors
thought I was the life of the party.

I had several friends, went out a lot socially, had a good job, sang along with the car radio, yes, I was on top of it. Or so I thought.

The first clue that maybe I might not have it all together came when I attended my second child’s “D.A.R.E.” graduation at grade school.

HA210 Low Self Esteem or Do You Just Need to Give Your Eyes a Rub? self help article by Patty Shortreed
In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with change.

It seems we are never able to keep up and keep on top of things. We see ourselves fall behind in some way. It may be that we don’t like the work we are doing or how we are doing it.

HA203 How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You self help article by Peter Murphy
Do you ever find you know what to say but still you can´t get the words out?

Or maybe you sometimes find yourself waiting for the perfect moment before joining the conversation. What is stopping you?

HA118 Are You or Your Emotions Overeating?, self help article by Tracie Johansen
If you find yourself eating not because you’re hungry, but because your emotions are in a mess.

Try to determine what makes you overeat.

Are you having problems with your spouse, children, work, parents, or just stressed in general?

Do you feel overworked, under appreciated, ignored, lonely, sad, unloved, angry, frustrated, were just really confused about life?

HA79 Accepting Ourselves and Others, by Robert Elias Najemy
Our feelings of isolation and loneliness breed mistrust, misunderstandings, competition, antagonism and the whole series of health destroying emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, resentment etc. These negative emotions build up a personality complex of their own, and grow out of the control destroying our health and relationships

HA114 Twelve Things you can do to feel better about yourself today! self help article by Tracie Johansen
1. Pick out one feature you really like about yourself.

2. Write a list, of everything you’ve accomplished in the last 30 days. No matter how small, it may seem.

3. Smile at everybody you see today, and say hi.

4. Do something nice, for someone in need.

HA229 Self-Appreciation by Charles David Heineke
Without a healthy sense of oneself, we feel unworthy of respect and of good things in our life.

Our society has often taught us to value others and to devalue ourselves. Yet this doesn’t work for the betterment of all society.

HA256 Morning and Evening Affirmations by Zig Ziglar
I, ……………, am a person of integrity with a good attitude and specific goals. I have a high energy level, am enthusiastic, and take pride in my appearance and what I do. I have a sense of humor, lots of faith, wisdom and the vision, empathy, and courage to use my talents effectively. I have character and am knowledgeable. My convictions are strong and I have a healthy self-image, a passion for what is right, and a solid hope for the future.

One of the first ways to developing a particular quality is to do exactly what I’m doing — create a top ten list of ways to develop that particular quality.

While these ten ways are intended to provide good general information on quality development, making a specific list will be beneficial in its own way.

The examples given on acceptance will illustrate this and will serve as an example of a top ten list on a specific quality.

HA232 Coach Your Critic OUT! self esteem article by Deborah Brown
The infamous inner critic, you know, that little voice inside your head that says you can’t, until you’re pretty darn sure it’s right.

Well, it’s not. It’s dead wrong. I’m going to give you the surefire cure to oust your critic and realize your amazing potential.

HA46 How to Tune In Your Brain to Feel Confident with People in Moments, self help article by Peter Murphy
One day when I was in school, many years ago, the school principal wandered into our class room, sat down and started to talk.

He talked and talked; and there was nothing we could do to stop him seeing as how he was in charge!

For once he actually said something that interested me and I never forgot what he said. Not because he was so original but because he was the first person I heard saying it.

HA26 The Power Within Us, self esteem article by RE Najemy

HA12 The Compounding Effect of Selfishness by Gary Vurnum

HA88 Relationships and Life’s Lessons, self esteem article by Robert Elias Najemy

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