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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Strategies and self help resources for lifelong learning, including your school study.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is essential for your better life skills and fantastic future ahead. Try our self help strategies for a happier time while learning. Self help happiness and personal development resources and articles.

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Effective Decision Making

Most of us have never been taught to make wise decisions in our work or personal lives. Could you benefit from using a system that combines logical thinking with intuition? Ask yourself these empowering questions adapted from Dr. Spencer Johnson’s book: YES or NO.

1. What do I really need from this decision?

Distinguish between a want which is a WISH and a NEED which is a necessity. You may want a luxurious home, but may need a peaceful haven. You may want to buy a variety of inexpensive shoes, but you may need good quality Ferragamos to keep your feet from hurting. Successful people get their true needs met. When we pursue what we think we want, we feel empty even after we have it. Be sure to focus clearly on what will actually fulfill your needs and avoid being distracted by everything else.

2. What are my options?

Asking this question puts you in a resourceful state to allow yourself to find effective solutions. Be open to having new thoughts flow into your consciousness. If you hear yourself saying: I have no options…, recognize that you are simply not aware of them right now.

Inform yourself of options by gathering information, talking with others of working with a coach. A good example about the importance of getting information before making a decision is the classic story about Henry Ford. He took three regional managers to dinner and afterwards decided which one to select to be his national manager.

When the successful candidate later asked Ford why he had been chosen, he replied: All of you were successful at selling, but you were the only one who tasted his food before salting it. I like a person who gets information before making a decision. What opportunities have you missed by not first getting the information needed before reaching a decision?

personal development self help books

3. Take each option and ask: Then what would probably happen?

Use your logical mind to narrow down your options to two or three. Then, use your imagination to focus in great detail on what would happen it you acted upon this choice. See what unfolds and feel the consequences as if you have already experienced this decision. Take it well into the future by asking: then what?…at least two more times

4. Have I thought it through completely?

Take time to be aware of the worst case/best case scenarios and what you would do in either case. How would that be for you? The result of even one decision has a domino effect on ourselves and others. Our lives are shaped by our decisions every day.5. What does my decision reveal about my beliefs?

It’s been said that we are what we believe. Your core beliefs form your self-image–your identity. They define how you feel about yourself and influence your decisions through your subconscious. Beliefs are largely choices we’ve make long ago and have forgotten. Your decisions mirror your personal thoughts and feelings; they reveal (to yourself and others) how you really view yourself and the world.

By looking at the pattern of your past decisions you can identify limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your wise decision-making. If you are not able to see your own truth, ask what they see or get a coach to help.

6. How does this decision fit my purpose or personal mission?

If you have declared to live your life from a place of integrity, for example, ask yourself: Does this decision I’m about to make cause me to make a deposit in my personal integrity account? Check for congruence between what you say you believe and what you actually do. Being clear about who you are and what you stand for allows you to make better decisions.

7. Am I trusting my intuition?

Your intuition is your personal guide to help you sense what is right for you. To access it, determine how you feel about the decision. For most people, the best way to do this is to sit quietly, close your eyes and go within. Open to your body’s wisdom. Do you feel calm or anxious?

If you feel stressed or confused as a result of focusing on this decision, it’s your inner wisdom letting you know this is probably not right for you now. On the other hand, if you feel lighter, peaceful or inspired, this is your validation to proceed. Think back to a time you made a successful decision and remember how that felt. Let your intuition be your teacher.

8. Am I setting my ego aside and listening to my Higher Power?

By accessing your intuition, you have learned what is inside of you; now for further guidance, especially for critical decisions, you need to go beyond yourself to make sure your ego isn’t interfering. This step is a very private and personal one and you must decide for yourself how best to do this.

Some people pray, meditate or commune with nature. I ask my Higher Power for guidance and then keep still to listen what comes to me.

9. Do I really expect a positive outcome?

Often we unwittingly sabotage our own success. We do this with positive intent to protect ourselves from fear, pain or disappointment should it not turn out. We know now that our dominant thoughts influence with events we experience and that it is better to act AS IF the desired outcome is already assured. The key word here is expect, not want. You may want to win the lottery, but you may not expect to be a multi-million dollar winner.

10. What would I do if I deserved better?

Some undermine their efforts due to a hidden belief that they don’t deserve more. To see if this is true for you, look at your life. Do you find that you stop at a certain level of success? Do you have an internal thermostat that causes you to cool down whenever you go beyond your comfort zone? Most of us resist this idea that we don’t let ourselves have anymore than we really believe we deserve. If you believe in your decision, then act on it!


Article by Meir Liraz, president of BizMove.com (http://www.bizmove.com), a free informational web site for entrepreneurs and small business owners that provides free guides and tips for starting, growing and managing a small business.

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“Bridging the Gap via Networking”
There’s nothing wrong with networking. Business owners, no matter how busy they are, should do it everywhere, all the time. But one of the best ways to network is through a method called ‘bridging’, a strategy that helps you build a foundation of contacts sure to provide you with sales opportunities now and in the future.

“Achieving Power Through People”
Do you know someone who is naturally friendly? When you put him inside a room of strangers, he’ll be a friend to almost everyone in no time!

We call such person as a people-person. This person is unbelievably nice and charismatic that he or she can charm anyone into doing anything.

“Accelerated Learning: Not Only for Kids”
What does accelerated learning mean? Learning in simple sense is getting knowledge through comprehensive study.

Whereas accelerated learning, is a process of learning by which knowledge, is internalized in a faster rate.

“Body Language and Interviews”
People in the corporate world will unsurprisingly be inclined to accept innate forms of manners or conduct that are defensive instead of being frank, direct, and mutual.

No wonder why sentiments are considered tough influences in the office and why the employer would normally act in response to condemnation or disapprovals.

“The Wonders of Body Language”
Actions do speak louder, much louder, than words. If every action and gesture could only be instantly converted to real and communicative words, you would be surprised to hear the loudest screams from every action from people.

Some people have unconsciously given out the real content of their hearts and of their minds on actions. That is why through the years, communication experts and researchers have dealt a great time and focus into looking closely at body language.

reading Body Language
Body language is fascinating. People rarely recognize how much information they give off and how noticeable it is to the human eye.

Even to the untrained human eye. It is said that no less that 50 percent of information on a person’s character, impact and credibility is conveyed through non verbal communication.

Beliefs are what make people. Try to figure and think it out. You do the things you do because of your belief in something.

Makes sense, huh. There are many forms and types of religion all around the world because people have different set of beliefs about God and the existence of heaven, which is the afterlife.

“Fun Personality Test”
This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get a better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees. It’s only 10 simple questions, so… Grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your letter answers.

“5 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal”
Everyone who has kept a personal journal knows that writing is a therapeutic process that helps integrate seemingly unconnected life events. Some believe the process works because the physical act of writing (using your hand-eye coordination) occupies your left brain, leaving your right brain free to access emotions, intuit connections, and create new insights.

“A Million Bucks In Scholarships – I’m Not Kidding!”
Mention a million dollars in scholarships as few as ten years ago, and most university officials and everybody else would have laughed in your face. It won’t happen today.

There are two reasons why. College scholarship opportunities have grown tremendously and the cost of an undergraduate education continues to go up and up with no relief in sight.

“eLearning – is the go of the age”
The idea of eLearning is to popularise an indepth, convenient, interactive mode of education through the Internet. Scientific research reveals that the best way of learning methodologies are the mix and match of 3 modes namely Instructor Led, Web Based and Computer Based.

“Are You Wasting Or Investing Your Time?”
Time is the most precious value we have. Time is the greatest equalizer of human beings. If we don’t ant to admit his and to treat time with respect then we will only have to lose.

“The 3 Most Powerful Ways To Get Yourself To Achieve ANYTHING Despite Pressure, Deadlines, and “Procrastination”
How free and energized would you feel if you had the power to motivate yourself to do ANYTHING, stop procrastinating, and achieve all your goals in record time?

“Accomplishing Your Power List”
The habit of delaying action, decision, or doing things that needs to be done or undone has been part and will remain part of human character.

The gravity of this habit in each individual varies. Find out if the habit of procrastination is doing more harm than you imagined and know how to overturn it to become action-oriented.

Give yourself this Good Manners test
Give yourself this Good Manners test. How strongly do you identify with the following comments:

Your Creativity Tool Chest
What do I have in common with da Vinci and Dickens? We all use notebooks and journals to collect our ideas, notes, inventions and random thoughts.

I have a variety of notebooks for a variety of purposes, though my most valued notebook is a small one that fits into my purse. It is my idea journal.

Six-figure Professionals: And Their Seven Secrets
In my work, I work with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and small business owners, I have found that there are specific actions that have created their success.

Here are seven success elements that they use effectively to earn $100,000 plus a year.

By focusing on these important elements, you too can grow your business to reach this goal.

“Business Language Courses”
We live in a shrinking world. In years gone by, international travel seemed like an impossibly glamorous dream and it was rare for many people to travel internationally on business. Nowadays, international business travel is commonplace and the glamour has been left in the past. More and more companies are dealing with foreign clients and suppliers as communication structures strengthen and transport costs shrink.

As a result of this, more London-based companies have a demand for staff with foreign language skills than ever before. It is not always possible to recruit bilingual staff and it is particularly difficult in the United Kingdom, where very little emphasis is placed on language teaching in schools or in society as a whole; this is in stark comparison with almost every other European country

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