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When you wake up each morning do you dread the idea of spending another day in a mind numbingly boring job, slowly stagnating for not enough pay?

Are you unemployed and nothing you seem to do is working to find the job you need?

Maybe you love your job but can’t afford the lifestyle you want on the money you earn?

Whatever reason that brings you to this web site let’s get one thing straight. . . . You deserve better!

Simply taking the time to find this page is proof of that. But you are not alone with your problem, hundreds of thousands of people feel just like you do. It’s one of the facts of modern life . . .

. . . However you have just discovered the way out. . . .

Here are a set of comprehensive e-book manuals that make up this 750+ page career success resource:
“The Complete Career Planning Guide Toolbox”


This set is more than $500 value –
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You won’t believe your eyes when you see what is included in this set of career development how-to get your dream job manuals!

How To Find A New Job:
Save Time, Save Money &
Enjoy The Journey
color=RED size=5>

Discover the secrets to finding a new job and enjoying the process.

If you want the ability to find a new job and in the process to save time, to save money and to enjoy the process, then this might be one of the more important things you’ve read.

Here’s why:

• I will show you how to find a whole range of vacancies, saving money and time in the process and how to approach the application and interview process

• I will also show you the secret of feeling better about the interview cycle and the key to enjoying the recruitment process…even if at the moment jobhunting gives you nightmares

• I will also help us enjoy this journey together by lightening the mood with some amusing quotes from some very famous people. The job hunting process has always been seen as a struggle I want to change that perception so that you see it from a positive viewpoint

In order to find a fantastic new job you need someone on the inside to guide you straight through the process. I have been a been a Recruitment Manager for a large International Company, which employs over 2000 people worldwide, for over 12 years.

As such I am in the ideal position to let candidates know what companies are really looking for and how to find vacancies and approach the application, interview and offer process.

Here are just some of the amazing tips & techniques this e-book will show you:


• Where to find vacancies, including those so called hidden vacancies that over 70% of all recruitment is made up of

• How to save time and money when making applications

• Complete introduction to the ideal way of finding a job – that is online

• Making the application, including all the mistakes to avoid from someone who receives dozens of applications daily

• Guide to Resumes/CVs and letters of application, for both advertised and speculative vacancies

• Interviews: Etiquette and energy

• How to talk money: Getting the salary you deserve

• Accepting that offer

*NOTE* this book is an original written by Alison Wood B.A. (Hons) and is only available from us… you will not find this valuable ebook for sale from anybody else, so get it here – EXCLUSIVE TO US!!

Get this now! Only $17color=green size=3>

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”
Thomas A. Edison

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** PLUS **

Check out these amazing bonus career manuals you get when you buy this book! Guaranteed to help you learn the job search & application skills you need to get the job of your dreams:

Bonus Book 1

Discover the Key Steps That Will Help You
Plan Your Career Effortlessly
color=RED size=3>

Do you find the prospect of planning your career daunting and unmanageable? If you are one of the millions of actively seeking job hunters in the market today, you have to gain a competitive edge to get ahead.

Learn everything there is to know about career planning from the bottom up, so you get it right the first time…

Career planning is one of the most
important actions you can take in your life,
one that will determine your future…
color=RED size=3>

Don’t let inaction set you up for failure. The less you do to set the stage for success, the more likely you are to fail. color=NAVY>

There is a way to plan your career effortlessly. You don’t have to spend hours wondering “what if”. There are direct tools you can instantly get your hands on that will help you find and select an occupation that best meets your needs and interests.

I want you to sit back and imagine or a moment what you life would be like if you had a career that encompassed your hobbies, interests and abilities. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

Now you can get a collection of TEN comprehensive e-book reports to give you color=RED> “The Complete Career Planning Guide Toolbox” color=NAVY>

Take Steps To Plan Your Career The Right Way… And Profit Substantially color=RED size=4>

ebookNo matter who you are or what you do, there is no reason you can’t succeed. You can find an occupation that will match your wants, wishes and needs. It isn’t as hard as you may think… in fact it is easy. color=NAVY>

Introducing the one and only guidebook and toolkit you will ever need to plan your future career right, from the very start!

Discover never before revealed strategies and techniques you can use to plan your career, whether fresh out of high school, in college or already established in the professional field but looking for a fresh start.

Discover How You Can Find and Keep the Job Of Your Dreams color=NAVY size=4>

Here’s just a sample of what you will learn when you invest in this life changing “Career Planning Toolbox” set of how-to manuals color=RED>

• Learn the simple steps you can take to master career planning in days, not years….

• Discover how you can transform your hidden talents, hobbies and interests into a real job that will make you real money…

• Find out how to uncover your hidden skills and abilities and match them to ideal occupations, so you land a career you will enjoy the first time you try….

• Discover helpful techniques for reviewing job occupations and alternative occupations so you don’t limit yourself and leave the door wide open for opportunity…

• Learn what skills and aptitude tests you should take to ensure you select the right career and avoid making a life changing mistake…

• Find out why it is never too late to expand or grow your career, no matter your age, and what steps you should take if you want to climb the career ladder to success…

Bonus Book 2

Resume Writing Secrets color=NAVY>


“Discover The Hidden Rules & Secrets Of Crafting A Professional Resume” color=RED>

It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume for finding your dream job, this guide will help you to get on a right track of resume writing.

• What is a Resume.

• Parts of the Resume.

• Things to Keep in Mind.

• The Reference Sheet.

• Cover Letters.

• Finding and Getting That New Job.

• Making Sure You Are Ready.

• Resume Samples.

• Reference Sheet Samples.

• Learn how to explore the types of jobs that are available.

• Learn the fastest growing jobs in America.

• The essential Cover Letter Samples!

• The Interview Basics.

Plus much MUCH More!

Book 3

ebook How to Ace the Interview & Get the Job of Your Dreams – No Matter What Your Experience Level!color=NAVY>

Most people assume that the most important part of a job interview is showing up well groomed, but trust me there is much, much more to it than that.

The truth is everything that you could ever want may be riding on your behavior at a job interview – and even the smallest mistake could mean the difference between you getting your dream job and you still being out there, pounding the pavement, trying to score a new interview.

Unfortunately, learning to ace an interview has always been something that in great part must be learned by trial and error … until now that is!

Now you can bypass all the disappointment and discouragement that come with failing job interview after job interview by reading my new ebook

At last, you can discover all the tips, tricks, techniques and secrets you need to know to ace your interview and get the job of your dreams. That’s right, this concise but comprehensive guide will tell you step by easy step how to impress an interviewer and win the job that you crave.

Here’s is just some of what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook::

• How to get the interview of your choice – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple tips!

• 4 ways to apply for a job – and how to determine which method will work best for you!

• How to prepare for an interview – including how to research the company and how to practice your responses so that you will be sure to impress the interviewer!

• How to greet the person who will be interviewing you – you’ve only got one chance to make a great first impression … find out how to do it the right way here!

• How to conduct yourself during the interview – find out how to “dress the part,” how to show confidence, and much more … in short, you’ll learn how to be just what the interviewer is looking for here!

• What the most common questions asked during an interview are – and how to provide perfect answers to them all!

• What questions to ask your interviewer – as well as what questions you should never ask during an interview!

• 7 common body language mistakes interviewees often make – and what you can do to avoid making them yourself!

• Other common interview mistakes that you should avoid at all costs – if you read nothing else, you must read this!

• 8 things you should do during an interview to impress your interviewer – do these simple things and the job is as good as yours!

• 15 tips for creating the ultimate resume – follow these tips and watch the number of job interviews you get skyrocket!

• 9 things you must do during an interview – as well as nine things you must not do during an interview!

• How to create the perfect cover letter – you’ll be amazed by what you read here!

• How to ace a restaurant interview – here are 10 tips that will ensure a great performance in any interview conducted at a restaurant!

• 8 extra things you can do during an interview that are sure to put you above other candidates – plus, how to close an interview and ensure you get the job of your dreams!

• 15 characteristics employers are looking for – and how to demonstrate that you have each one during the interview!

• And much, much more, including:

o How to handle the post interview follow-up
o Questions that interviewers cannot ask
o Common questions when applying for your first job after college graduation

Book 4


STOP Hearing “NO” And Start Hearing “YES!”color=NAVY>

There are ten common mistakes that almost all people make during a job interview. They’re simple, but almost everyone makes them, even though their easy to avoid. Why? Because people don’t know what they’re doing wrong!

Instead of looking at your resume and your qualifications for the job, they’re paying attention to the mistakes you’re making and already putting your resume in the “No” folder before you even get the chance to prove yourself!

There is a way you can learn what NOT to do during an interview to land you the perfect job!

What if you didn’t have to worry about the competition when it came to scoring a job you really want – and deserve?

What if you could walk into an interview and be confident that you were going to ace the interview and practically get hired on the spot? Watch as your competitors continue to make the same mistakes you were, until now!

Employers will look right past them and their eyes will be on you as you avoid every single mistake they were expecting and completely “wow” them with your qualifications and credentials.

By avoiding every single interview mistake, you will give your employers every reason to hire you and not one reason to pass you by! You’ll be irresistible to employers!

Imagine being able to get the first job you apply to! Now you can save yourself tons of time and money in resume printing, phone charges and wasted interviews!

It’s more important now than ever before to be able to ace a job interview and secure yourself a profitable future. In an economy that continues to sink and prices for goods and services that continue to rise, now is the time to act to make sure you have enough money to support yourself and your family. You simply can’t afford to bomb another job interview!


“10 Critical Mistakes To Avoid At The Job Interview,” you’ll learn:

• How to avoid the ten most common mistakes to ensure interview success

• What NEVER to say during an interview to keep employers from tuning you out

• What body language to use during an interview

• What to expect during an interview so you’re never caught off guard

• How to answer tricky questions so you can put your best foot forward

• How to dress for interview success

You’ll learn everything you need to know and much, much more to ace any interview and land your dream job!

No longer will you have to wait forever for employers to call you back, wondering if they felt you were cut out for the job. By avoiding common job interview pitfalls and mistakes, you’ll prove to them that you’re the perfect person for the job!

Book 5


Finding a job should not create a stressful environment. “The Job Hunter’s Handbook” color=NAVY> will be there to help you if you do lose your job, but better yet, use it to keep yourself in a “pro-active” mode so you can immediately put the principles to work when the axe falls.

Actually put yourself in the position of always anticipating a worse case scenario. Do this and you will avoid stress by knowing that a new job is just a few days away.

The Job Hunter’s Handbook color=RED>will show you:

• How to identify your skill set

• How to hunt for a job

• Define your objective

• Prepare a professional resume

• 7 Steps to improve interviewing skills

• How to use networking to accomplish your task

• Using job seeker websites

• Job seeker FAQs

• Thinking outside of the box

Book 6


Work Place Warrior color=NAVY> is a brand new guidebook that puts you firmly in control.

So whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking a more than average (and quite frankly pitiful) ‘in rise with inflation’ pay rise or your looking to change your life for the better – then you’ll find out how to with this book.

Here are just some of the areas covered in detail in the book:

• How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Job Hunting:
Master these ten positive traits and jobs will practically find you.

• How To Discover Great Jobs:
A little known tactic that could lead you to the job of your dreams.

• How To Land A Higher Paying Job:
(One simple tactic that could make you $10,000 a year more whatever job you apply for)

• How To Write A Job Winning Resume That Puts Yours Right At The Top Of The Stack:
Discover why even the best qualifications for a job does not guarantee you’ll even get an Interview . . . and the simple tricks you can use to make sure you do.

Discover the two things you should never include in your resume, although it’s commonly done they’re an opportunity killer.

Plus see the 37 magic words that will bring you resume to life and mark you out as a ‘can-do’ candidate.

• How To Get A Raise:
You’ll read about not just one but fifteen different ways that can increase your salary, plus the ‘magic key’ that opens door to bigger paychecks.

• The Insider’s Guide To Getting Along With Your Boss:
Simple techniques and skills to ‘Manage Your Boss’ and get far more satisfaction in the workplace. Learn how to make every day a good one.

Work Place Warrior could be the most important book you read in your life, it has the ability to change the way you live for the better, almost immediately.

By the time you’ve finished reading it you’ll know exactly what’s needed to make each day a good one.

What are you waiting for? The choice is easy. These first SEVEN books alone will get you the job you want!

Find out everything you need to know about career planning and actually getting the job right here, right now in over a dozen books with more than 750 pages of valuable and powerful training materials to help you GET THE JOB YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO HAVE.

I priced the set of books at this insanely low price because I know you may be recently retrenched, or even long-term unemployed and cash-strapped, so I want this valuable information to be affordable for EVERYONE who needs it right now!

** Over $500 value!

Get this Career Toolkit NOW only 7 days SALE – FOR ONLY $17 – UNBELIEVABLE value! You’ll be glad you did. color=RED> size=4>

*NOTE* this book “How to Get A New Job: Save Time, Save Money and Enjoy The Journey” is an original written by Alison Wood B.A. (Hons) and is only available from us… you will not find this valuable ebook for sale from anybody else, so get it here – EXCLUSIVE TO US!!


Purchase though secure PayPal by clicking on this button below:

You can now buy securely using PayPal credit card services, even if you don’t have a PayPal account yourself – Be safe while you shop!

*BUT* To make sure you have ALL the resources you need to be fully informed in designing the career you want, and become the person you need to be to get and keep that job, and then climb the career ladder even further – I have added another amazing SIX BOOKS to round out your Career Planning Toolbox.

When to Start Career Planning

Book 7


“Office Politics”… How to Navigate the Undercurrents of Office Politics & Stay Afloat. color=NAVY>

This no-fluff information-packed report will guide you through the traps and hazards that could be lying in wait in your workplace. It will give you not only essential knowledge, but will equip you with specific tools that you’ll find so useful, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

The methods, the tactics, the strategies that they don’t want you to know have all been spelled out in shocking detail. The definitive guide to office politics is finally here:

• How to stay strong and balanced at all times, so that they will think twice before choosing you as a victim.

• Detailed, practical advice about how to deal with people so that everyone is better off.

• 9 different ways to tell if someone is lying to you.

• 5 anti-stress techniques that you can use on the spot to calm yourself down and keep from losing your cool.

• 6 specific ways to boost your energy and keep it high. You’ll want to use these techniques all the time, not just when you’re at work.

• A detailed rundown of how to handle an attack in various circumstances.

• 6 specific techniques that people use to make themselves look good.

• No less than 11 ways that people use to make others look bad

• The deeper reasons that lead them to succumb to the temptation to use such distasteful methods.

Book 8


“How to Improve Your Memory” color=NAVY> is a guide that introduces you to what you need to know to improve your memory and how to recognize the differences between absentmindedness and memory illness.

It is simple, easy to read and learn! Guaranteed!

You will never again be embarrassed by forgetting the name of someone you were just introduced to a few minutes earlier – especially if it is someone important, you do not ever want that humiliation!

Instead: You will IMPRESS EVERYONE with your amazing memory for names, facts and statistics!

This brand new book also includes the classic:

“How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces and Facts” color=NAVY> By Robert H. Nutt

Take a quick look to see what you will learn: color=RED>

• What causes memory loss?

• What happens to the brain as we age?

• The truth about memory illnesses.

• Natural remedies & foods to boost memory.

• 100 Memory Keys / Hooks.

• How to remember long numbers.

• How to remember names and faces.

• Public Speaking without notes.

• How to remember what you read / study

Book 9


‘Time Management – Making Your Time Count’ color=NAVY> shows you an easy system for creating flow in your life – helping you get what you want from your time and efforts.


The truth is that developing time management skills will help you in all aspects of life.
They help you find focus and use time wisely.

These skills will help you get more done in one day than you did in two or three. You will never miss an important moment with family or a deadline at work.

Here’s What You’ll Learn color=RED>

• Why is Time Management so Important?

• How to Value Your Time

• How to Track Your Time

• What Activities are Wasting Your Time

• How to Create Goals

• The ‘To-Do’ List

• Creating Your Action Plan

• How to Prioritize

• Managing the Family’s Time

• Personal Action Plan and Goal Worksheet

• Activity Log Worksheet

Career Growth and Expansion

Book 10


“I Can. Therefore, I Will” color=NAVY> Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Mind

Your mind is the most powerful supercomputer in the world. It’s a pity if you would not be able to explore and utilize its vast potentials.

Unleash your mind power now! Don’t keep cheating yourself of all the opportunities you could be taking and enjoying right now!



Check out SOME of the information you will find inside:

• How to make new friends.

• How to find out if your glass of water is half-full or half-empty.

• Why positive and negative are always in conflict.

• Why the mind is considered as a super-computer.

• How to efficiently deal with worries.

• The difference between doing a job with the body & doing a job with the mind.

• How new things & challeges help in training the mind for positive thinking.

• The power of negative thoughts.

• The power of positive thoughts.

• The difference between learning inside the classroom & learning outside the classroom.

• How to reach your goals in life.

• How our mind does what our five senses cannot perform well.

Book 11


You Need A Motivating, Positive Thinking System To Excelcolor=NAVY>

Motivation & Success Has Never Been This Easy To Grab! color=RED>

Here’s just a few of the awesome tactics you’re going to master quickly…

• Why you should never use positive thinking they way you’ve been taught in the past!

• How to plant seeds that blossom into amazing successes every time!

• How to predict success before you start working on a project!

• Secret ways to give yourself huge boosts in motivation & confidence in 3 seconds or less!

• Exactly why most other self improvement courses fail to perform and how you can avoid failure forever!

• How to fast-track projects like never before (you’ll learn how to pump out a 2 month project in just a week or two through insider action techniques).

Learn how to BE HAPPY!

Now you can truly LOVE your LIFE and your WORK!

Book 12


“Finding Your Dream Work-From-Home Job without Getting Scammed” color=NAVY>

A lot of people have done it. And you could too! The people who have found the right work-from-home programs are now enjoying more time in their hands while reaping the fruits of their financial success.

And it is very easy; all you really have to do is to find the right work-from-home program that fits you and your lifestyle best!

Know the vital aspects about work-from-home jobs in a special report crafted for people like you who are on the search for a legitimate work-from-home program.

This report will teach you… color=RED>

• The difference between working from home and running a home business.

• How to take advantage of technology to succeed in work-from-home jobs.

• How the Internet becomes the fastest growing workplace in the world.

• The different work-from-home jobs that you can choose from.

• Danger signals to watch out for in detecting work-from-home scams.

• Where and how to do a background check of the work-from-home company you’re interested to join.

• The legalities involved in a work-from-home opportunity.

• How to balance your work and your life.

• How to save money while running a home business.

Now you have all the tools you could ever want, right at your fingertips, to find and get the job you always dreamed of, and to become the person you always wanted to be.


Order Today And Receive A 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Iron Clad 90 day Guarantee… color=RED size=4>

I’m so confident you will benefit from the tips, tools and techniques offered in “The Complete Career Planning Guide Toolbox” color=NAVY> I’m willing to put my profit on the line. All I’m asking you to do is give it a try.

You can sit around waiting for your future to happen, or you can take charge of your future and invest in a solid career today.

* GET over a DOZEN BOOKS for less than the price of ONE! *color=GREEN>
… you can have them all for only $17 today!



You can now get all the information that you need to find the job you have always dreamed of, make a top impression job application, and then ace that job interview!

Get your dream job in 2009 with these tools at your fingertips.

With the economy continuing to sink and unemployment figures rising, it is now more important than ever to be more astute about your job interview and know the right things to say and what not to say and do.

In order for you to get the job of your dreams, it is crucial that you understand how to avoid the most common job search and interview mistakes at all costs. And this whole TOOLBOX of OVER A DOZEN Career Development and Job Interview learning manuals, not only describes the mistakes people make when they look for and apply for new jobs, but teaches you how to counteract them.

If you look for jobs, apply for jobs or go into a job interview without knowing the best ways to go about it, you are going in at your own risk and are potentially going to not land the job.

You owe it to yourself to give yourself the best opportunity to land the job of your dreams and ace the interview.

What are you waiting for? The choice is easy. Find out everything you need to know about career planning and actually getting the job right here, right now in a collection of book and manuals with over 750+ pages of valuable and powerful training materials.

I priced the set of books at this insanely low price because I know a lot of my customers may be people who are unemployed and cash-strapped, so I want this valuable information to be affordable for EVERYONE who needs it right now!

** Over $500 value!

Get this Career Toolkit NOW – FOR ONLY $17 – UNBELIEVABLE value! You’ll be glad you did. color=RED>

*NOTE* this book “How to Get A New Job: Save Time, Save Money and Enjoy The Journey” is an original written by Alison Wood B.A. (Hons) and is only available from us… you will not find this valuable ebook for sale from anybody else, so get it here – EXCLUSIVE TO US!!

*INSTANT DOWNLOAD!* any time of day or night!

Purchase though secure PayPal by clicking on this button below:

You can now buy securely using PayPal credit card services, even if you don’t have a PayPal account yourself – Be safe while you shop!

StrategicServicesIt is my experience that you have to take action TODAY to make tomorrow look brighter.

Stop thinking about everything good that ‘would’ happen in your life ‘if you only’ had X, Y or Z.

Find out exactly what steps you should take, and check them off while at it!

It’s TIME to get on with creating the life you know you deserve and only you can take that first step, so now is your chance. Don’t waste any more opportunities or precious time, just wishing your life away, TAKE ACTION – BE IN CONTROL!

Sincerely Yours,
Helene Malmsio,
Alison Wood,
Sandra Mosley,
“The Complete Career Planning Guide Toolbox”

P.S – I’m also going to give you an unadvertised bonus personal development book when you buy! A very helpful book for your self confidence, as a thank you gift for becoming my customer today.

ITS TRUE! You will get over a dozen books for this ridiculous price, because I want this career planning toolbox to be affordable for EVERYONE – you have NO EXCUSES any longer for not getting on with getting that dream job!

How to Start Finding your Dream Job

P.P.S. – If you still need help to decide if you should invest in this set of books, try our free report first:



Click this link to get your Free Career Planning Report Downloads!


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"I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for this powerful tips you send to me.Thank you so much and may God richly bless all the team working towards this.
Best regards,

Thank you for this. It has been most instructive. Please keep them coming!
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Veronica King

“With no other words, I simply love these Power Tips - thanks for every email I have received from you - I find there always something that cheers my day up or gives me some more inspiration. Good work, there!”
- Hana, Prague, Czech Republic

I always read your Power Tips and it has helped me a lot in my life... I would like to thank you a lot for such a nice article at regular intervals.

I am really grateful to you for what you have been doing for me and my growth. I know that I am not alone and hundreds of thousands of people would be feeling the same.

Your Newsletter are always a help. Thanks a tonne.

You are doing so much for the whole mankind and as a matter of fact sometimes even a small thought delivered at the right time can do miracles in someone's life and his whole life can take a turn around.

When the positive seeds through your news letter are falling all over the world, then I am sure some would become tree and bear fruits.
I love you for this...
Love and kind regards

Vikas B
New Delhi- India

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