5 Diseases Specific to Women that Can be Avoided

5 Diseases Specific to Women that Can be Avoided

by Alesha Wilson

(Wilmington, NC)

Women need to be very careful with their body. They have important body parts that are not found on men and these should be protected. If not cared for properly, they might develop diseases that are dangerous and malignant. Some of the problems you have to watch out for are the following:
1. Breast cancer. Breast exams can be done at home if you are embarrassed to go to a doctor. If you feel a lump in any of your breasts, make sure that you have them checked out as soon as possible. If the tumor is in its early stage, it can be removed easily, but if you let it worsen, it might spread to nearby areas.
2. Cervical cancer. There are already vaccines protecting women against this, so make sure that you have that. Aside from that, seeing a gynecologist regularly can also prevent any problems along this region.
3. Cancer of the uterus. The uterus is important in child birth—without it you cannot bear children, so you have to protect it. To avoid this, make sure that after child birth you have your uterus checked in case there are irregularities.
4. Polycystic ovaries. This condition can be brought on by obesity, which affects your menstrual cycle. This may also result in you not bearing children. While it can be benign, your inability to bear a child can have very serious consequences emotionally. To avoid this, watch out for your health by eating nutritous meals. If there are irregularities in your menstrual cycle, it’s best to consult a doctor.
5. Hormonal imbalance. Some are born with this while others have this due to the food that they eat. One particular food that can hinder hormonal imbalance is soy, because it affects the estrogen in the body. Soy’s triggering of estrogen-related diseases can also make you more prone to the other conditions listed above. Make sure that you are careful in eating this.
Healthy hormones can easily be achieved by eating healthy. Furthermore, avoid strenous activities that might cause your hormones to change. Aside from making you look old, stress can also cause infertility. Being honest with your doctor and being careful with your body helps prevent the diseases mentioned above.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com, leading natural health website that supplies Whey Cool.

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