10 Easy Ways to Relax and Stay Anxiety-free

10 Easy Ways to Relax and Stay Anxiety-free

by Mike Karowski

Banish your worries away with these simple—not to mention cheap–and effective relaxation techniques. Not to mention cheap!

1. Drink green tea. The highest concentration of the soothing L-theanine, an amino acid present in teas, is found in green tea. Sip a cup several times a day, and feel the calming effect of this healthy herbal goodness. Green tea also aids in metabolism, so it can help you lose weight.

2. Control your caffeine intake. You crash after the initial coffee or soda “high.” That can lead to depression or anxiety.

3. Practice deep breathing. This is a handy relaxation strategy which you can do anywhere. Perform several deep-breathing exercises every day, especially when you feel the grip of an anxiety attack. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Hold your breath then exhale through your mouth. Focus on your breathing. Feel your stress and worries melt away with every exhalation.

4. With aromatherapy, you bring a little bit of your home spa with you. Scents have a way of providing a period of calm during an otherwise heated moment. Dab an essential oil or light a scented candle. The most calming scents are sandalwood, rose, jasmine, ginger, chamomile, vanilla, bergamot, and lavender.

5. Soak in a luxurious warm bath. Light some scented candles to reinforce the soothing atmosphere. Winding down like this after a long exhausting work-day makes your bedtime as pleasant as possible.

6. Have a luxurious DIY foot bath. Simply fill up a bowl with warm water. Dissolve some bath salts in it. Listen to relaxing music as you sit back in a comfy chair. You feel relaxed while your footsies get pampered.

7. Imagine yourself in a relaxing situation. This does wonders. It may sound ludicrous to try this on a grueling day, but one minute of visualizing yourself peaceful and contented can surely change your mood.

8. Nix clutter. Seeing clutter adds to stress. Take a few minutes to tidy up after yourself. Make sure your work desk, your closet, your kitchen, etc. are as organized as they can possibly go.

9. Go for a few minutes of brisk walk. Walk around the park or take the stairs. Feeling your hammering pulse can clear your head.

10. Eat dark chocolate. Doing so releases the phenylethylamine in your brain and relieves anxiety attacks.

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